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Zhejiang: ecological flood control   and three – Zhejiang express channel – people.com.cn sunset, walking tour of Pearl Creek, is greeted by a pleasant picture of life: clear water flowing, on both sides of the stone embankment protection, trees; ecological dam water blue standing in water, because the closure and the formation of "small such as" Bai Lian like waterfalls pour down, attracted a lot of walking pedestrians stopped to watch…… "Before you Xi beads without water platform, flood control ability is poor, did not think of, now not only has a boardwalk, ecological weir dam, and a small fitness Park, a small square, every evening, people have come to the Pearl River swim Creek, walking, fitness, full of happiness." National Day holiday, all year round work outside the home of the public Xu Xingxing back home, looking at the Pearl River tour before the big change, can not help but issued such a sigh. Today, the Pearl River tour has become a scenic landscape in the three counties of the general landscape. In 2014 three, door county to "poor county governing water" determination, sounded five water cohabitation horn: two years, arrange all kinds of flood control project more than and 160, completed a total investment of 1 billion 410 million yuan; the "pollution" to the opportunity that total shut down 92 polluting enterprises, illegal sewage treatment enterprises 179; the "ecological flood control" as the goal, to clean up the river more than 2100 kilometers, the total elimination of 16 garbage River, black smelly river remediation 9 a total of 20.5 kilometers; adhere to the "waterfront condominium", a total investment of 320 million yuan, renovation of the river 358 kilometers, 89 kilometers of rural ditch remediation revetment, strengthening river 56 kilometers, dredging the river 213 the successful implementation of "one hundred kilometers, Lvrao village, 1000, 10000 River water"…… After several years of iron water, three to produce a satisfactory report card: in 2015, successfully created the province clear rivers up County Second National Soil and water conservation, smooth county construction supervision and management capacity of the first county (city, district) through water-saving society acceptance, obtain the strict implementation of the water resources the management system of outstanding achievements in the work of collective praise; in 2016, Taizhou city has become the only selected national rural sewage treatment demonstration county. Today, the crab Township, the water environment has been improved, the county water environmental function zone 14 cross section monitoring points for 3 consecutive years, the water quality of the exit section of the standard rate of 100%. In the people’s expectations, "clear water, smooth, shore Green River," and three scenerywonderful "door" has become the prototype. (commissioning editor Guo Yang and Weng Dikai)相关的主题文章: