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Zhang Wen "intimate partner" will broadcast the real experience of life as a reporter Zhang Wen – Sohu entertainment entertainment news television series Sohu stills "intimate partner" will be landing in Hubei TV evening prime time in October 1st, the drama directed by renowned director Liu Guoquan, Zhang Wen, Chen Sisi, Lin Shen, starring Liu Enyou, is a blend of youth and love, the suspense, war and other elements of the quality of works. Starred in "lovers", "Clarke a couple of those things", "child’s slave" and other hit series the young actor Zhang Wen in the "intimate partner" plays the heroine of "Superman" reporter Shen An. Zhang Wen throughout the way since starred in the role of "crossroads brothers" the fragile female Xing Jia, "child’s slave" in frank and Yang Yang, "Clarke lovers" in impressive for ex girlfriend Ye Qi, it is not difficult to find the role of style, strong plasticity. In the intimate partner in the blood of the news soldiers, but also strive for perfection. Drama, played by Zhang Wen Shen is a high IQ, high Yan value, high force value of the legal column reporter, went to a variety of news full of crisis. It is reported that, in order to better interpret and close to the role, she said: "the newspaper real shooting, I asked a few reporters to understand the relevant information, experience their life. The truth is often in the hands of a few people, so some media people are lonely, they need to have a strong inner strength, I play Shen is a powerful inner strength."   相关的主题文章: