Zhang Dejiang Jia Qinglin why mourn the dead nine years brock lesnar

Zhang Dejiang Jia Qinglin why mourn the dead nine years? Original title: Zhang Dejiang, Li Yuanchao, Jia Qinglin why nine years to mourn the dead? Since October 1st, Zhang Dejiang, Li Yuanchao, Jia Qinglin and other condolences, condolences to the death of Zheng Yutong. On the eve of national day, Hongkong new world first founder and chairman of the board of directors, Zhou Dafu jewelry founder Zhou Zhiyuan son-in-law Zheng Yutong, on the evening of September 29th, died at the age of 91. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that since October 1st, the NPC Standing Committee Chairman Zhang Dejiang, vice president Li Yuanchao, former chairman of the CPPCC National Committee Jia Qinglin and other leaders and retired standing committee, sent a message of condolence, expressed condolences to the death of Zheng Yutong. Zheng Yutong called the "Tong Shu", 2015 Forbes Hongkong rich list, Zheng Yutong a wealth of $15 billion, ranking third. Zhang Dejiang Li Yuanchao Jia Qinglin sent a message of condolence "politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that in his message, Zhang Dejiang, Li Yuanchao, Jia Qinglin to Zheng Yutong’s contribution, gave a high evaluation. The Zhang Dejiang telegram said that Mr. Zheng Yutong was unfortunate death, condolences. Mr. Zheng Yutong is Hongkong business celebrities, has long been uphold the patriotic stance and support the chief executive and the SAR Government in accordance with law, "one country two systems" principle and the basic law implementation, played an important role for the smooth return of Hongkong to the motherland and to maintain prosperity and stability in Hongkong, many of the country’s reform and opening up and contribute to the modernization. The spirit and style! "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) found that in May 2004, when the Central Political Bureau member and Guangdong provincial Party Secretary Zhang Dejiang, the chief executive, Hongkong Special Administrative Region of the invitation of Dong Jianhua, the first visit to Hong kong. During the period, the Hongkong Special Administrative Region Government and the Guangdong Provincial People’s government held a forum on the business sector in Hongkong to introduce the situation of the Pan Pearl River Delta cooperation, and listen to the views and suggestions of Hongkong entrepreneurs. Zhang Dejiang, Dong Jianhua attended the forum, and also to the identity of the industry and Commerce celebrities to attend the meeting of the people of the world, as well as the presence of the people of Hongkong. Li Yuanchao died at the telegram said, Mr. Zheng Yutong, what sense of grief, to mourn. Mr. Zheng Yutong of the Hongkong development and construction of the mainland and the contribution of the world long in his voice and expression, often leave our hearts. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) noted that the Bureau of foreign experts from the official website of the information shows that since 1998, the Bureau and Zheng Yutong founded the Hongkong New World Development Co, signed the "China government senior civil servants training cooperation agreement, funded by the Hongkong New World Development Co, support Chinese outstanding mainland government senior civil servants went to the Harvard University’s Kennedy School of government training and learning. The project ("Chinese government senior civil servants training program cooperation agreement") by the Central Organization Department vigorously support and Co. Ten years, a total of all provinces and municipalities in the country, the central state organs of the ministries of the 112 senior civil servants to participate in this training program, including provincial and ministerial level leading cadres of the 19. Camp相关的主题文章: