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Youku "beauty and the best" Lu Benjuan humor called general manager Zhu Yan "gourmet" — entertainment channel, Youku potatoes entertainment center, "beauty and the" best director Song Binghua "beauty and gourmet" popular female guests, "southern" the most beautiful campus Belle Lu Benjuan film CO produced by Youku and vision of the Meng Fei the first comprehensive network of "beauty and the best" first group of male female group three days and two nights villa coexistence program mode, between people in the experimental burst about human nature, love and so many chemical reactions can be social reference! The day before, "beauty and the best" executive producer Peng Zhengyuan and show popular female guests South Campus Belle Lu Benjuan chat that something in the program. "Beauty and the best" is a new form of reality show, one side is the high value of beauty, the other is a high IQ of the best man. Program throughout the day to monitor the movements of the guests, in the three days and two nights of the process, they will work together to complete a number of tasks and tests, and ultimately to determine whether they can hand. 3 days and 2 nights, the hitherto unknown super long and super close and experience than expected date, will be guests on their own personality and completely unmasked. A few of the blind men and women, both to overcome temptation but still in hand to the end of the CP, also have a word not just tore up the collapse of such as "recruit extremely quarrelsome lovers, with the physique of the female guests Lu Benjuan and Xu Xiuqin, in the face of Zhu Yan boast, showed great resentment. The whole show, "wonderful returnees" guests Zhu Yan is a focus. Female guests Xu Xiuqin even in CP process was selected after the collapse of Zhu Yan, shouted out the recording was difficult to continue. Zhu Yan’s overconfidence expression caused a joke, but also caused the discussion and reflection of the depth of his question: in the end because of eating bitter or bragging vanity, shouted Xu Xiuqin overreact boiling? Scene, Lu Benjuan gave her heart to make the evaluation: "the best, especially typical. Need to be divided into two categories, one is particularly handsome, especially excellent kind; one is his." Asked about the scene in the shape of their own and real life, whether there is a big difference? Lu Benjuan bluntly does not have what difference, "this is my character, I may feel more polite, but there is still a little angry, many reactions make me angry, but it is true, for example, show the black rim of the eye is the real me". As for the program, there is no contact with the male guests? Lu Benjuan is also without taboo answer: "because of the beginning of the program which we do not know. Because then I was CP with Qian Yufei, and I became a friend in private. Total producer introduced, beauty and best, the project has been developed for almost a year’s time. Peng Zhengyuan said frankly: This is the original mode of the program, very difficult, this is our own very very hard, on their own by a little bit out of an original program." It is reported that Youku "beauty and the need" has just come out, the possibility of its rich and unique program model has attracted the global TV industry’s attention, but also won the international experts and program mode the most famous The WIT President Virginia M)相关的主题文章: