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Yonhap: Samsung Note7 China production district responded that "not heard" [Abstract] Samsung said in a statement on its website that the operators and consumers of Galaxy Note7 replacement machine concerns understanding, survey results will be announced as soon as possible. Phoenix Francisco October 10th message, it pours, after the two operators announced the sale of Note7, there is news that the Samsung GALAXY Note7 to suspend production today. Phoenix Science and technology to verify SamSung China, said that I have not heard, not the news released by Samsung Corp. Yonhap quoted the report, from a SamSung company source said that Samsung will Chinese, and US regulatory cooperation, temporarily stop the Galaxy Note 7 production. It is understood that the U.S. operator AT& T and T-Mobile announced a series of security concerns, will stop the sale of Galaxy Note7. "Based on the recent report of the accident, as users now we no longer replacement of the Galaxy Note7, to wait for further investigation of these incidents," T spokesman Fletcher AT& · Cook (Fletcher Cook) on Sunday in an e-mail statement said, "we are also encouraged to make use of Galaxy Note7 users were recalled to AT& T the store replaced another Samsung smart machines or other intelligent machines." Due to the defects of lithium-ion batteries are likely to lead to overheating or even burn the phone users, Samsung last month began to recall Galaxy Note7. Airlines also prohibit passengers from using the phone on the plane. Last week, Southwest Airlines passenger plane was forced to evacuate passengers as a result of the replacement of the Galaxy Note7. AT& T’s decision to stop selling is another blow to samsung. It is expected that AT& T is Samsung’s third largest customer. Analysts expect Samsung to face billions of dollars in losses due to recall 2 million 500 thousand Galaxy Note7. The T-Mobile spokesman said in a statement today, due to the occurrence of this week, more than a safe replacement machine fire incident, the company will completely stop selling Samsung Galaxy Note7. In addition, T-Mobile will also be sent back to Galaxy Note7 users a one-time $25 calls compensation. As a result, T-Mobile has become the next AT& T, the United States second to stop selling Samsung Galaxy Note7 large mobile operators. Samsung said in a statement posted on the website, for operators and consumers worried about the replacement of the Galaxy Note7 machine expressed understanding that the results will be released as soon as possible.相关的主题文章: