Xiamen man hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy rosewood furniture merchant accused lost 1 million 1 meyou

Xiamen man hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy "mahogany furniture" businesses accused lost 1 million 140 thousand consumers to spend several hundred thousand dollars to buy "mahogany furniture", it has become "Schima superba furniture", recently a business by consumers to the consumer fraud court. The Siming District Court of first instance of merchant payment to consumers 3 times the compensation, the total amount of compensation up to 1 million 140 thousand yuan. However, the merchant refused to accept the verdict, has filed an appeal. Consumers: This is a fraud, should be 3 times the compensation a few years ago, Mr. Chen to a building materials business in Xiamen ordered a set of furniture, the total price of 540 thousand yuan. The sales of single state furniture materials "Burma mangrove (log)", according to the building materials business said, "a Burma mangrove is mahogany. According to the sales agreement, Mr. Chen to pay 380 thousand yuan in the production of a single payment, the goods to the scene after the payment of $110 thousand, then pay $50 thousand to complete the installation. However, until the end of 2014, a full set of furniture after delivery, soon began to paint wall cracking, deformation of the wardrobe is dry. So, Mr. Chen commissioned China wood Institute of forestry of furniture with wood materials were identified, the results let him be startled at: This is not a mahogany, but he mu. Although it can make furniture wooden, but with the price of mahogany is not a grade. To this end, Mr. Chen on the grounds of fraud, the court building materials business. He sued for the return of the building materials business has been paid, and pay 3 times the compensation of $about 1000000. Building materials: This is a misunderstanding, "mangrove" non "mahogany" in the face of Mr. Chen’s allegations, the building materials business reply said, this is a misunderstanding of the consumers themselves. Because, this batch of wood from Burma, after the red peel bark inside wood, so called mangrove, Burma locals and suppliers of red wood commonly known and collectively, they just use this name. Building materials dealers also said that if consumers just because "Burma red" in a "red" words that buy is mahogany, it is consumers’ own problems. Therefore, the building materials business insisted that he did not fraud, should not pay the fraud compensation. The court: constitute fraud, compensation of 1 million 140 thousand yuan after the court held that the "Burma red" is not the standard lumber name, and "Burma mangrove (log)" way of expression itself is very easy to cause the misunderstanding. Court of first instance verdict, the defendant did not provide the building materials manufacturers to provide consumers with real information about the furniture, but also misleading to mislead consumers misleading way, its behavior has constituted fraud. The court found that Chen actual payment of 380 thousand yuan, in accordance with the consumer protection law, the provisions of article fifty-fifth, the amount of fraud compensation for the purchase price of goods is 3 times, that is, $1 million 140 thousand. However, the judge pointed out that because of this case of tort liability disputes, Mr. Chen asked the defendant to refund prepaid payment, belongs to the contract dispute, it should be handled separately. It is reported that the building materials business is not subject to the first instance verdict, has filed an appeal. (Strait Herald (micro-blog)) video: fraud! Guangdong seized one hundred thousand telephone fraud "black card"! Guangdong seized one hundred thousand phone "black card" >相关的主题文章: