With small only quarrel Ishihara Natsuo said not happy pr011.msi

With small only quarrel? Ishihara Natsuo said not happy in today’s world. Voiced by some famous voice actors, will choose the form to carry out activities together. And this one, Ishihara Natsuo and YUI Ogura established "CD summer fabric" combination, and won a lot of fans favor. Recently, however, Ishihara has revealed in his personal blog: his recent unhappy. As can be seen from the text, the stone was originally said about the weather, and then said: "a lot of things are not going well, let me very depressed (laughs). Fortunately, my will has not changed at all, and I just follow my own ideas." Generally speaking, the well-known voice actors rarely directly express their emotions, can say this, apparently suffered a great blow to the relationship. At present, many Japanese friends launched a guess: "is the only quarrel with Kokura? Only summer to dissolve?" "Ishihara Natsuo’s strength is still good, but always in the shadow of it only kokura." "Although it looks very ordinary, but it is very suitable for a wife." So what happened? Perhaps in the future performance of Ishihara Natsuo will be able to find out the truth. Interested friends can continue to focus on. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: