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This warm winter nearly bathroom you love?? and to get up to go out by the courage, perseverance in the summer season, reluctant to leave the bathroom at this time but as one of the most don’t want to get into space. Usually tired comfortable bath also became a kind of exercise need courage. Looking at the white ware, cold tiles, who are willing to in the cold and the bathroom intimate contact? In this regard, how to create a warm and comfortable winter bathroom is particularly important. A: to change the light magic? Most people decorate the bathroom, often only concerned about the use of functions, decorative and other aspects, very few people will pay attention to lighting, lighting and other comfort needs. Lighting design is an important part of the ring. Want to make the bathroom has become warm and comfortable, may wish to use their own habits, the placement of different functions of the light source, in order to create a practical and warm atmosphere. Case 1: 3~5 square meters of small bathrooms should be how to decorate the light? First of all, this time, the choice of lamps should be as simple as possible. Sometimes, a central light with enough brightness can meet the requirements of space lighting. This lamp should be installed in the bathroom ceiling of the center, so that it can shine, but also to expand the feeling of space. ?? Case two: mirror lamp should be chosen with concise modeling is preferred. If the brightness is enough, you can replace the ceiling lamp as the main light source. Considering the effect of the separation of dry and wet small bathroom is poor, does not recommend the use of the spotlight in the bathroom, because the lamp though beautiful, but generally poor waterproof, soon to failure. ?? Case three: bathroom space, the layout of the room naturally, can be easily arranged various types of lamps. Due to the large bathrooms dry separation is generally better, so the small sanitary and convenient use lamp, can use up here. Lamp, suitable for installation in the elegant variety of waterproof gypsum board ceiling, the top can be aligned basin, toilet, bath to form local lighting, can also be designed to be the background light to heighten the atmosphere. ?? Two tips: to wear the wall "winter"?? in order to produce a warm feeling on the vision, should choose bright color as the background color, lack of transparency and purity of color should be at a distance. In collocation, to emphasize the sense of unity and integration, with bright colors in this season can also be bold use of a large area, although the psychological will have a certain impact, but the "greenhouse" effect is very obvious. ?? One case: grass green tile walls and ceiling white ground collocation, elegant tones, proper and unassuming, add vivid facial expression for the bathroom wall. Shower room and brown wood floor embellishment, greatly enhance the color of the bathroom space level sense of comfort. Clear the bathroom theme, express a minimalist bathroom temperament, create a birth machine, vitality and warmth to the space. Case two:?? the bathroom walls are made of ceramic tile and mosaic collocation, although it is also cold material, but because of the different colors and different levels of pattern adjustment, good contrast and vibrant personality temperament. The different shades of the color of the mosaic posted a wave pattern, in addition to coffee, orange and.相关的主题文章: