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Home-Improvement For most homeowners, siding serves a dual purpose. The first is to protect the home from the elements of nature, while the second is to improve the exterior appearance of the home. The right siding can truly help a home look more attractive, but with basic, neutral colors dominating the market, it often takes more than plain siding to truly increase a homes curb appeal. Thats where siding accents come into play. Siding accents are finishing touches that help create a nice, finished look for the exterior of the home. A classic, though somewhat outdated example is the addition of vinyl shutters. These days, siding companies are pushing the look of wood shutters over vinyl, as they are an affordable, classy option that offers a more modern touch. Another nice way to accent a fresh siding job is to install window headers, which can be used in conjunction with decorative moldings to draw attention to the window areas. Dentil blocks and moldings are another popular accent option that can add character to a homes exterior, while keystones can be placed over windows and doors to serve as the focal point of an already-pretty picture. For homes that happen to come with built-in window trims, a lineal can be added to transform a standard window into a classic-looking picture window. In these cases, the lineal will go all the way around the window to neatly frame it, though occasionally, the lineal will actually be installed in conjunction with a classic window header. These days, white seems to be the new trim color of choice. Look around, and youll probably see some white lineals and window headers on modern-day homes that manage to pull off a stylish yet classic look. Of course, homeowners are free to select bolder hues for accent colors. But most contractors will advise customers to go with shades that are slightly lighter than the general color of the exterior for the perfect degree of contrast. While siding accents are not always necessarily included in the package, some companies, including New Jersey based Jeruco Exteriors, offer free accent pieces with the installation of new siding. Ruben Jeruco, the companys owner, advises customers to keep in mind that the more custom-tailored the finishing accents are, the more they are likely to cost. However, siding accents need not be too obvious or extravagant. Sometimes, all it takes is a subtle contrast or simple touch to really tie a look together. Of course, new siding, when professionally installed, is bound to look fabulous with or without the accent pieces. However, if your goal is to have a house that truly stands out above the rest, then siding accents will provide help you create a place that is uniquely and unmistakably yours. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: