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A wedding is a very special occasion in the lives of two special people. Every detail is carefully thought out and planned. How to go to the wedding venue is naturally something that needs thought and attentions. Naturally it has to blend in with the way the two most important people plan their wedding. From wedding horse carriages, to the latest automobile is available. The bride and groom will have to decide whether the cars they want are the wedding car ones and the Rolls Royce Hire ones, or something else altogether. Since this is such a wonderful occasion, nothing should be overlooked or taken casually. What your criteria should include: vii.The brand of car indeed, nothing less than a Rolls Royce would do! Even the very demanding Jeremy Clarkson would agree with that. Everything about the Rolls spells class and elegance, whether it is the front grill, the umbrellas that open out in case of an emergency, the luxurious interior decor, and, of course, the exquisitely classic exterior. viii.The colour of the car the choice is between black, white and silver. There is also the option of a convertible or drop-head Rolls Royce. ix.Well-trained chauffeur it is important to have a well-trained chauffeur, who is polite, has a pleasing personality, and knows the city well. x.Additional features provided these would include wedding decorations on the car such as ribbons, flowers and bows, .plimentary drinks, and music. xi.A second wedding car in case a second car is required, the choice ranges from the chauffeur driven Bentley flying spur, to the Bentley Arnage, as well as the Mercedes cars, at discounted rates. xii.Excellent customer care this is an important consideration, as the customer service agent who is assigned to you will take into consideration all your requirements and offer the best advice and the best deal. Rolls Royce Phantom Hire Silver specifications: xiv.Solid silver Spirit of Ecstasy xv. Ghost Silver paintwork xvi.Silver tread plates xvii.21-inch alloy wheels chrome centre caps xviii.Roseleaf or Creme Light leather interior trim xix.Santos Palissander wood veneer xx.A cool-box xxi.Silver and enamel Conway Stewart pen xxii.Silver key fob xxiii.Drinks holder xxiv.Champagne flutes and tumblers with silver detailing xxv.White instrument dials xxvi.Matching clock (with the instrument dials) Where wedding cars are available on hire: Wedding cars Nottingham offer excellent service. Wedding cars Birmingham too would offer a variety of facilities to make your big day very special. Since wedding cars are preferred for all kinds of weddings, be they Asian, or British, wedding cars Leicester will take the wedding party to the venues they plan on for the wedding in ultimate style and .fort. Wedding cars Leeds can be hired at very .petitive rates without any .promise on either the car or the services that are on offer. For those who live in Manchester, wedding cars Manchester offer superior customer care service that would enable you to choose that special car for that very special occasion. – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: