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The weakening of "total social fixed assets investment indicator assessment — Theory – people.com.cn original title:" the weakening of social fixed assets investment indicator assessment. In recent years, in the local party and government leading bodies and leading cadres performance evaluation, some economic data has become an important basis for evaluation. This approach in the promotion of local economic development, but also have some negative impact, some of the economic data has become the basic work of the baton". In the central repeatedly stressed that under the "GDP data worship" has been cooling, but the excessive pursuit of some other data has not caused the necessary vigilance, especially "the index of total investment in fixed assets has been exposed many problems, we need to seriously think about. The fixed assets investment of the whole society is a general term for the construction and purchase of fixed assets by the whole society in the form of currency, and the related expenses. The absolute value and the growth rate are of great significance in the study, which is an important basis for judging the trend and quality of economic development. However, under the new normal, this indicator also shows some of its own shortcomings, some negative impact on the assessment. One is according to the current statistics system, total investment in fixed assets investment scale is not included, only plans to invest 5 million yuan construction and investment in real estate development and investment in fixed assets of rural households. Due to the small investment project is not included in statistics, a direct result of some local blind preference for large projects, but in fact, with public entrepreneurship, innovation and the Internet economy era, technological transformation project of small entrepreneurial projects, small or even zero fixed assets project has its own development advantages, if you ignore the small items from the statistical system on a small project, not "achievements", it is bound to encourage blind greed tendency, and some local cadres at the same time, it is difficult to completely correct judgment of investment in the fixed assets. Two is the current total investment in fixed assets does not include human resources investment, technological innovation and other intangible assets investment. With the progress of science and technology, social development, knowledge and intellectual status in the economic development is more and more important, has become the most active factor in the new economy and the combination of elements of human intelligence, many enterprises especially is the creative, such as patent, does not have the "fixed assets form" the most valuable asset light assets in enterprises, and these assets may also have value, high price. If we only focus on fixed assets and ignore these new elements, clearly does not meet the new economic development direction, is not conducive to promoting the development of new economy. The three is the total investment in fixed assets including land transaction amount, with the rapid rise in recent years, land prices, land transactions continued to increase the share amount of the share of investment in fixed assets, but also directly led to the rapid growth of fixed assets investment. However, land transactions generally do not directly produce substantial economic growth, the amount of land transactions can only be too high economic virtualization, and the formation of a vicious cycle. The higher the price of land, the greater the total investment in fixed assets; in order to increase the total amount of investment in fixed assets, it is necessary to make land prices, and ultimately the formation of land price bubble, leading to economic bubble. Four is to expand direct investment in fixed assets.相关的主题文章: