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Prison Industrial Complex – Modern Slavery Posted By: Deepak Rajput

Black African Males Everyone Is Vulnerable To Attack Posted By: Robert Siciliano There AND rsquo;s the war on drugs, the war on terrorism, the war on cancer and the war on cyber threats. In fact, more people are vulnerable to cyber attacks than they are to the first three threats combined. So pervasive is this threat that President Obama fully recognizes that everyone is at risk. He even signed an executive order recently in the hopes of promoting the sharing of more cybersecurity related data between the government and the private sector. Recently President Obama presented a speech at Stanford University; the attendees included government officials and leaders in the tech world. He admitted that the government is a bit befuddled over how to provide the private sector with protection from cyber threats. And don AND rsquo;t forget that many hackers operate overseas, making them tougher to track down. Obama AND rsquo;s message is that it AND rsquo;s difficult for the government to simultaneously protect the public and not be intrusive into peoples AND rsquo; privacy. He referred to the cyber world as the AND ldquo;Wild Wild West, AND rdquo; but it sounds more like the Wild Wicked Web. But he likens it to the Old West because people want the government to play the role of sheriff.

cyber security All You Need To Know About Drug Charges In Point Pleasant, Nj Posted By: nenitableakley Drug enforcement laws are pretty serious in the state of New Jersey, where a person convicted of possession or selling or any other form of drug usage is awarded no less than a minimum jail sentence and penalty. Going through the stages of a drug charge which involves arrest, investigation, trial and sentencing can be traumatizing for a person who is facing them for the first time. Though possession and usage of drugs is indeed a serious crime which deserves a serious punishment, there are many innocents out there who get involved in drug crimes in Point Pleasant due to misunderstandings and bad influences. Society has never been kind to those who are convicted of a drug offense and has always seen them with skewed eyes. Their personal lives are filled with detachments and misery from then on and professional lives go haywire. Thus, it is very essential that you have the best legal assistance on your side to face your drug charges in Point Pleasant to have a clean criminal history and have a prosperous future ahead.
Drug Charges Point Pleasant The Congressional Adult Behavior Act: Fixing What Washington Broke Posted By: Bruno Korschek

term limits The 18 Largest Federal Government Disasters Ever Posted By: Bruno Korschek

term limits Is The Police Equipment Going Futuristic? Posted By: Mayerbetty What kind of police equipment and gear must the law enforcement agencies have today? Some say the police are undeniably militarized these days. Police officers carry deadly weapons. Riot police tear gas protesters, and in a nighttime invasion in Lower Manhattan during the Occupy Wall Street movement in Zuccotti Park, the police deployed klieg lights and military style sound machines. War on drugs and terror has lent the police across the world justification to acquire the latest technology, police equipment and tactical training, and create special units. The police anyway justify these actions on the grounds that they must improve themselves professionally to combat new threats. After all, criminals are hi-tech too. This is a far cry from the early nineteenth century when the Metropolitan Police in the United Kingdom were unarmed to clearly distinguish them from the military. However, with time police officers began by arming themselves with revolvers to combat house breakers who were usually armed. The evolution of arming is so significant and visible today that even RoboCop would be proud. Police officers equip themselves with wide-angle miniature cameras fitted on their uniforms so that they can secretly capture situations with sound and picture.

police equipment The Lamest Washington Politicians Ever – A Measly 18 Laws Enacted In The First Seven Months Of 2013 Posted By: Bruno Korschek In the first seven months of 2012, the political class in Washington had managed to pass and enact a meager 54 pieces of legislation. At that time, it was viewed as the least productive set of Federal politicians in the history of the United States. A pathetic performance from so-called leaders, people who on average earn more than three times the annual income of the average American family. But just when you think our politicians cannot get any worse, they manage to under perform even more. According to an article in a recent issue of Business Week magazine, in the first seven months of 2013, Washington politicians have managed to enact a meager 18 pieces of legislation. Beyond pathetic. Now, one should never support passing legislation for the sake of passing legislation. Far more often than not, when politicians pass laws to resolve a problem they end up making the problem worse or waste far more taxpayer wealth. But if minimal legislation enactment resolves major issues, go for it. And Lord knows we are suffering through a ton of weighty problems in this country: 1.

term limits Term Limits For Federal Politicians: How Much Worse Could It Be? Posted By: Bruno Korschek The mood in America is not good. Economic conditions are bad and trending worse, our national debt is skyrocketing, the country’s citizens have never been more divided against each than they are today, our world standing and prestige continue to deteriorate, and the political class in America has not solved a single major issue in the past several decades. Our schools continue to under educate our kids, we have no strategic and effective national energy policy, health care costs continue to escalate, our borders leak, and we have already lost the war on drugs. Many of these chronic issues have been with us for decades, proving that the Washington political class has been incapable or unwilling to address and resolve these national problems. And most recently, our politicians have again illustrated their impotency and their hand in the destruction of freedom and liberty in the following, unfolding scandals: 1. The Washington political class has abused the powers and reach of the IRS to harass citizens and organizations who held contrary political views. 2. The Washington political class has abused the powers and reach of the IRS to harass religious groups who held contrary political views. 3.

term limits Florida Smoke Shops Sue State Over New Law Restricting Pipe Sales Posted By: windy Smoke stores across the Florida state are wishing a new law, controlling what they can deal in, will be spoiled. Thirty stores have taken legal action to block implementation of the rules, which became operative in July and ultimately wipe them out. The law that was passed in the previous parliamentary session, makes it an offence for a smoke store to make more than 25% of its sales from smoking devices or pipes. Luke Lirot, a Clearwater lawyer, who is acting for the stores says that this act is a miserable failure. And moreover one cannot have these store owners held accountable for the aim of someone else. Shop owners dispute that certain glass pipes could sell for as much as $5000, but they are not used in any way for smoking. Jay Work, an owner of a smoke shop who is a glassblower himself says that these decorative pipes are exhibited as art. Jay Work is one of the proprietors involved in the court case.

The Pipe Shop Drug Rehab Programs Move Addicts Away From Addiction Posted By: Rodney Robinson When the nation of Georgia had an influx of new addicts, did they turn to drug rehab programs? Of course not. The former Soviet country faced its own challenges and version of the drug wars we in America had been combatting for years once they gained independence in 1991. Between Georgia, the US, and the Netherlands, all have tried various approaches to finding a solution to combatting addiction. The Netherlands has become known–for better or worse–around the world for its lax policies on drugs. The country decided to adopt the path of decriminalization (not to be confused with legalization). What resulted was a proliferation of use and drug problems, as can be seen in Portugal, who adopted a similar model for dealing with addiction. Both countries are now struggling to rein in the damage done by letting the problem fester. The US has had a more manic relationship with drugs and addiction, mainly because we were the primary market for the rest of the world.

12 steps You Are No Longer Living In A Free Country Posted By: Bruno Korschek Have you had the feeling recently, as an American, that you were no longer living in a free country? This may be tough news to swallow, it may be difficult to believe, but if you look at the facts, Americans now live under an oppressive, callous, selfish, vindictive Federal government and political class. It has not happened over night. But over time, the political class has chipped away small pieces of our liberty until you wake up one day and realize that what at first were tiny little chips have become huge chunks of lost freedom. What we used to take for granted as free Americans is now viewed by the politicians in this country as their right, their domain, and their pleasure to do as these please, paying lip service or no attention to the freedoms guaranteed by the inconveniences of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The past two weeks have made this trend all the more evident, with startling revelations that the IRS has been turned into a political weapon of the Obama administration to harass and burden Americans with opposing political and religious views and suppress their freedom of speech rights.

obama Insanity Fast And Furious: The Ultimate 20 Minute Workout Posted By: Scotty Kitchens An interesting piece of easy Bible trivia for kids is that the Holy Bible is the best selling book of all times, having sold about 6 million copies in 2000 languages and dialects. With Universal on an "aggressively accelerated time-table," it will no doubt waste little time in finding Lin’s successor. He now lives most of the year between Spain and Monaco and trades his own funds mainly in currencies and commodities. Ads from the Republican candidate should be running around the clock about how, under President Obama, the War on Drugs allows for too many civilians to be stuck in the crossfire. Originally, the studio wanted Lin to direct the sixth and seventh films back-to-back but aborted that plan early on in the development process. Hopefully, lightning will strike twice, as Lin has proved to be an inspired choice after jolting this franchise to another level during the past seven years. With the film set to go into production this summer to put it on target for a 2014 release, the studio has narrowed its field of candidates. There’s no wow factor and nothing we haven’t seen 4 times over.

paaul walker Why You No Longer Live In A Free Country Posted By: Bruno Korschek As we start the new year, one would hope that we could look forward to better times and better lives. However, in the U.S. democracy, that might be a tall order, given the obscene growth and reach of the Federal government in this country and the politicians that operate it. Read the following observations and then you decide if you think you are still living in a free country: – You are not living in a free country if your retirement medical care, via Medicare, is dependent on the actions and whims of Federal government politicians. – You are not living in a free country if a large percentage of your retirement cash flow, via Social Security, is dependent on the actions and whims of Federal government politicians. – You are not living in a free country if your pre-retirement medical care, via the ramifications of Obama Care, is dependent on the actions and whims of Federal government politicians. – You are not living in a free country if your ability to go to college, via student loans, is dependent on the actions and whims of Federal government politicians.

freedom Us Patent 6630507: The Nail In The Drug War Coffin? Posted By: James F. Davis The nail in the coffin of the US War on Drugs is a medical marijuana patent owned by the federal government. At least, it should have been the fatal mistake of a dying concept, but it wasn’t. Instead, the War on Drugs has sloshed onward, buoyed largely by the predation of the government on marijuana users based on the claim that the plant has no medical value. At the very least the feds could change their argument to the reality of the situation, which essentially boils down to the idea that even if marijuana does have medical uses, the government has secured a monopoly on any potential profits. Of course, this all makes perfect business sense. After all, the War on Drugs is extremely lucrative, so hedging one’s bets by securing a patent on medical marijuana will alleviate any pressure applied by an inevitable change in federal policy. That change will of course come on the heels of public outrage, but by then it won’t matter: Patent 6630507 ensures that the government will continue to profit handsomely by heavy-handed control of suddenly legal medical marijuana. What is US Patent 6630507?

patent 6630507 The War In Your Brain – Understanding Drug Tolerance And Addiction Posted By: James F. Davis One neglected battlefield of the War on Drugs is the one that occurs inside an addict’s head. This is because the physiological mechanisms responsible for our survival in the event of chemical infiltration are a seemingly double edged sword that may be more dangerous than beneficial in the long run. This survival mechanism is called drug tolerance – an addict’s most wearisome enemy – but not for the reasons you might think. In simple terms, tolerance is the body’s way of developing a resistance to a particular drug. This resistance is generated when changes prompted by drug use are made to nerve cells in the brain and central nervous system. The sequence of events is as follows: 1. Use of drug stimulates release of dopamine (or another neurotransmitter) from nerve cell 2. Dopamine binds with the next receptor in the neuronal circuit 3. Chemical substance (cocaine, etc) interferes with the neurotransmission process 4. Euphoria or similar sensation is felt by user 5. With repeated use, receptors are altered to impede the transmission of dopamine and mitigate drug effects 6. With altered receptor state user finds it more difficult to "get high" 7. User increases dosage 8.

drug tolerance Recent Successes Of The War On Drugs Posted By: James F. Davis

war on drugs Why The Failed Legacy Of The Obama Administration Takes Jimmy Carter Off The Hook Posted By: Bruno Korschek

obama Fun With Math: Making Our $16 Trillion Naiotnal Debt Easy To Understand…and Fear Posted By: Bruno Korschek Sometime this week the U.S. Federal government exceeded the $16 TRILLION threshold of national debt. I found it ironic that the Presidential administration that has added more to that level of debt than any other previous administration, increasing it by about 50% in less than four years, is also having its Presidential convention this week. I would bet that these debt "accomplishments" will not be part of the agenda or any of the speeches. $16 TRILLION is a lot of money, a whole lot of money. Let’s play with some math to put $16 TRILLION in perspective: – $16 TRILLION is the number 16 with TWELVE zeroes behind it. If every American household chipped in the same amount to pay off that debt, each household would have to write a check for about $140,000. Not going to happen. – Since the average household income is about $50,000 a year, every household would have to work almost three years, on average, to retire the debt and forego eating, leisure activities, buying clothes, going on vacation, paying taxes, paying for heat, etc. – Since the richest four hundred Americans have a total net worth of about $2.

obama When The Right Hand Of Government Does Not Know What The Left Hand Is Doing Posted By: Many days it seems that our Federal government has grown so large and unwieldy, becoming more like Jabba The Hutt of Star Wars (a parasitic blob that wastes resources) than an efficient and effective organization. We often come across ludicrous situations where one part of the Federal government is doing something that is in direct conflict with what another tentacle of the government is doing: – A little while ago the Federal Reserve Board and the Treasury Department were doing the exact opposite of each other. One entity was busy trying to reduce the volume of long term Treasury bills in the market and increase the amount of short term Treasury bills while the other entity was trying to expand the volume of long term notes and reduce the volume of short term notes – The Department of Agriculture has increased the amount of cheap corn in the market with its farm subsidies, making obesity provoking foods less expensive and more widely used due to the proliferation of cheap corn fructose while other parts of the government were trying to reduce the use of corn fructose infested foods to fight obesity.

government.jabba the hutt Drug Arrest Economics: Just Let The Tax Payers Flip The Bill Posted By: James Scott The so called ‘War on Drugs’ has become the ‘War on Taxpayers’. Policy analysts and legislators continue to weigh the cost of United States drug prohibition as the issue appears more regularly in public debate. In "Drugs and Drug Policy: What Everyone Needs to Know," Mark Kleiman, Jonathan Caulkins and Angela Hawken contend that incarcerating low-level illegal drug dealers costs society more than it is worth. According to their publication, a $200 illegal drug transaction resulting in a three-year prison sentence costs taxpayers as much as $100,000. The negative economic effects continue, according to the authors, once the convicted drug dealer is released, at which point, with no hope of gainful employment, he or she resumes drug-dealing. More Americans are imprisoned on drug charges now than for property crimes, with five times more Americans jailed for dealing drugs now than three decades ago. In fact, the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world, despite the fact that violent crime has decreased in the nation by 25 percent in the last two decades. In total, the "war on drugs" has cost American taxpayers $2.5 trillion.

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