Wang Sicong began teaching idioms by a reality show to players roll (video)

Wang Sicong began teaching idioms by a reality show to roll their eyes when the tutor Wang Sicong players to create a new girl group, "Hello goddess" 20 independent broadcast! Tencent entertainment news (text recorded by Wang Sicong Gunn) participation, panda TV, mango entertainment, video Tencent jointly produced "Hello! Goddess ", today (31 days) at eight in the evening, and finally to meet friends, in the known history of the true reality show, Wang Sicong not only gave his first variety show, to the staff of the program group on the course. In the program, Wang Sicong revealed his entrepreneurial intention: the man is necessary to let others respect you, not necessarily because you have money, if you have the ability, others will really respect you." "The work and career are two different things, work may be a cheque. You choose a career, you have to create value for the people to contribute to society." For this file personally involved in the show, Wang Sicong is very hard, the car began to work on the class, teach you how to do the show: "do a show, or do the draft or company or not according to their own taste, to determine what a taste is." Also eat a joke for example: "you do not love to eat Guangdong food, do not represent all people in the world do not love to eat Guangdong food; you like areca, do not represent the people all over the world like areca." This is not, according to the weather changes, Wang Sicong also to transform their teaching contents: the weather is good, when to teach us about idioms: bad weather, the staff will earnestly: "let me do the activities, I will refer to the first three years of the day is not rain. If it rains, I will choose to do indoor programs." Wang Sicong in the show how to look at the old cadres of the upper body. However, Wang also met the disobedient students. A female contestant small bud a division of the Chengdu auditions are "grandma gray hair, suggested by Wang Sicong into a yellow or black woman, when the expression is such: in an interview later, small Lei said that for king Si Cong’s advice," I took him as a teacher look, but I basically do not listen to the teacher." How do you want to learn more about it? 20:00 tonight, come to Tencent video!相关的主题文章: