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Health Many people want their hair to grow faster because they are in a hurry to attend some special event. For example, prom or a wedding may be coming up next week, so you want your hair to grow at a much faster rate – at least until it reaches your shoulders. The problem is, there is a cycle to hair growth. You must respect this cycle and try not to rush things too much. Otherwise, your efforts may back fire, and you end up with damaged strands. If you really wish to lengthen your mob quickly, consider using hair extensions. They are affordable, easy to use, and there is no risk of damaging your strands. But if you have a little time of your hands, there are things that you can do to speed up your hair growth. But first of all, you must have a basic understanding of hair for your efforts to be effective. Assuming that there is no skin or health condition, the mob grows naturally by itself. The conditions that encourage this growth are (a) a well rested body, (b) adequate water, and (c) vitamins. This means that whatever approach you adopt, it should point towards leading a healthy lifestyle. When a person is healthy, growth occurs naturally. You can, of course, take additional vitamins to help stimulate the growth. In the current market, there are a wide variety of vitamins that promise to encourage hair growth. These supplements contain orally consumed pills and the ingredients consist of vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, E and more importantly, Beta-Carotene and Flaxseed oil. These ingredients have been scientifically proven to boost hair growth. For your efforts to be even more effectively, consider hair care measures that will help protect your existing strands from getting damaged. This two-pronged approach will be very effective in preventing hair loss, and helping it grow. In addition to having a healthy diet and getting plenty of rest, you should also try not to brush or comb your mob too frequently. The brushing may weaken the strands, and they tend to break more easily. Also, avoid taking caffeine, smoking, or consuming alcohol. A protein rich diet is highly recommended. Foods like tofu or beans can contain high amounts of proteins, which can help hair to grow faster. Late nights are definitely not recommended. The point is clear – if you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, it’s going to be hard to create an environment that is conducive for your mob to grow. You must bear in mind that hair grows slowly, at the rate of half an inch every month. For the ends to reach your shoulders, that takes roughly 2 years. So before you embark on your growth plan, be sure to take this into consideration. If your target is unrealistic, don’t try to force things. As mentioned earlier, use hair extensions. But if you the goals are realistic, and you have some time on your hands, you can always consider the tips above and try to grow your hair to the appropriate length. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: