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The United States Congress: Chinese media attention to Chinese politics consciousness awakening but it is hard to unite – Beijing Reference News Network September 18th U.S. media reported that the spring of this year, the Chinese American WeChat group began to spread a message of "the first Chinese American Conference" will be held on September 8th to 10, held in washington. According to incomplete statistics, the Chinese in the United States more than 6000 large and small organizations, "the Chinese American conference organizers and Chinese American National Committee (UCA) is a new name, people can not help but wonder, which in the end is what kind of meeting? According to voice of America radio website reported on September 13th, from September 8th to 10, the first Chinese American Conference held in Washington, d.c.. The meeting invited a lot of Chinese celebrities, government officials and institutional scholars, there are many Chinese people eager to participate in public affairs. There are more than 200 Chinese nation this together Chinese equality, intergenerational communication, image transformation, leader cultivation and many other topics are discussed. Reported that the Chinese social activist Xue Haipei is the initiator and organizer of the general assembly. He believes that the enthusiasm of Chinese in politics, development space is very large, for example a lot. He said: "the Jews are not what mysterious place, is that every Jew is a donation, are registered, go to the polls, are involved in local politics in Congress, the city’s problems. How far away is our Chinese from this?" Xi Xiaoxing, a Chinese scholar who has been accused of espionage by the U.S. Department of justice, and Chen Xiafen, spoke at the meeting on the topic of Chinese rights. Xi Xiaoxing said that the past year have had him began to care about the interests of the Chinese community. He said: "we can not only do scientific research, satisfied with being an engineer. We should be involved in democracy. Although it is painful to mention this experience, it is my duty to tell the story." Reported that, and a few months ago, an article circulated on WeChat has been skeptical of the general assembly. The article appeared in the journal "Chinese American voice network". The author recorded his investigation into the UCA organization, and questioned the extent to which the Congress represented Chinese americans. The opening of the conference speakers Zhao Meixin, Liu Yunping, Meng Zhaowen and other Democrats are. Dai Rui, who came to the scene, said: "as far as we know, all of the guests invited by you are from the Democratic Party. Why do you call yourself a Chinese Conference," said Trump, a supporter of the Chinese people? You’re a democrat." Xue Haipei himself has a lot of democratic background. He explained: "after the 5 members have finished, I’ve added a few words. I say that there are no Republican senators in Asia, and I hope that if you are a Republican or an independent voter, you will be able to help elect your own Asian Republican congressman. That’s good. I hope you can do it. In fact, there is no Republican senator. So it’s not that I’m willing to get in touch with the democrats." This episode reflects the status of the United States: the background position varied, complex, difficult to reach an agreement. In the process of uniting the Chinese people.相关的主题文章: