Toure Guardiola father to apologize to him a chance to ask you to forgive-musiland

Apologize to Guardiola Toure father: could you please forgive him the opportunity to play in the two Manchester City Manager Seruk shelling (data) coach Guardiola, Ivory Coast midfielder Yaya Toure has been difficult to avoid being swept out in the winter window, sub sub – Toure of discontent revealed in practice after the broker reports in England on Friday, Yaya Toure’s father Murray publicly apologized to Guardiola, "he is the boss, I asked him to forgive." At the beginning of September, Guardiola will not yayatoure move into the Champions League list of 25 people, which triggered the anger of Seruk, but after Guardiola warned yayatoure, Seruk once again bombarded the city manager. Season so far, 33 year old yayatoure only 1 appearances in Guardiola "or let your broker to apologize, or just don’t want to come out after the statement, Yaya Toure has been very difficult to get the opportunity to play. Murray told the sun: "interview said," I am very worried about yayatoure. That’s a problem. We want Guardiola to be realistic. He’s the boss, and I beg his forgiveness, and let my son do his job. Yayatoure love Manchester City, he is a good player for the team. I can’t speak for him. I think he’s going to stay. He’s smart, and then he makes a good choice."

图雷父亲向瓜帅道歉:恳请你原谅 给他出场机会在经纪人塞鲁克两次炮轰曼城(数据) 主帅瓜迪奥拉之后,科特迪瓦中场亚亚-图雷已经很难避免在冬窗被扫地出门,而在英格兰媒体周五透露亚亚-图雷对经纪人做法不满之后,亚亚-图雷的父亲莫里公开向瓜迪奥拉道歉,“他是老板,我请求他的原谅。”9月初,瓜迪奥拉没有将亚亚-图雷招入欧冠25人名单,这引发了塞鲁克的愤怒,而在瓜迪奥拉警告亚亚-图雷之后,塞鲁克又一次炮轰曼城主帅。赛季至今,33岁的亚亚-图雷仅出场1次,而在瓜迪奥拉“要么让你的经纪人道歉,要么就别想出场”的表态之后,亚亚-图雷已经很难再获得出场机会。莫里在接受《太阳报》采访时表示,“我很担心亚亚-图雷。这是个问题。我们希望瓜迪奥拉现实一点。他是老板,我请求他的原谅,让我的儿子去干自己的工作吧。亚亚-图雷非常热爱曼城,他是一名为了球队着想的好球员。我无法代替他发言。我认为他会留下来。他很聪明,之后他会做出好的选择。”相关的主题文章: