Three quarter economic data survey the economic situation cold GDP increase by 6.7%-zhuxianduowan

Three quarter economic data survey: the economic situation of cool GDP increased by 6.7% in the first three quarters of 2016 economic data will be released, the newspaper published the "Shanghai Securities News – chief economist quarterly economic survey report", chief economist, 7 banks and brokerages and other domestic and foreign financial institutions to participate in the investigation of the macroeconomic research experts and macro the economic research team, mostly to maintain the current macroeconomic situation of "cold" judgment. Prediction and analysis for these institutions to change from the first three quarters of 2016 GDP, the price level of liquidity and macroeconomic policy indicators, economic growth will remain weak and stable, is expected in 2016 is expected to achieve annual economic growth target. A survey by the results of the first three quarters of 2016, expected GDP rose 6.7%, unchanged from the first half of 2016 GDP year-on-year growth of 6.7%; expected CPI rose 1.81%, significantly lower than the first half of 2016 an increase of CPI level 2.1%, PPI growth is expected to be -2.32%, the current inflation pressure is still not expected in 2016 9; M2 grew by 12.1% at the end of 6 at the end of 2016, more than 11.8% data compared to the rose. Overall, the first three quarters of 2016 in a weak economy is stable, but the driving force of the switching of investment demand and enhancement, is particularly significant for an increase of the annual GDP of the "stable". Chief economist / reporter Le Jiachun participate in the survey and macroeconomic research experts list Haitong Securities chief economist Li Xunlei, vice president, vice president, Xiangcai Securities chief economist Li Kang Shenyin Wanguo Securities Research Institute chief economist Yang Chengchang Rui Sui, managing director of Securities chief economist Shen Jianguang China Bank Deputy Director of Institute of international finance of industrial and Commercial Bank of city finance chief economist Sora Mitsuo Securities senior researcher Fan Zhigang Xu "steady investment" pressure "to stabilize the economy is expected to bottom" in view of the current domestic economic boom, in addition to judge the 1 institutions on the current domestic macroeconomic situation is "normal", 6 other institutions participating in the survey to maintain macroeconomic situation a "cool" judgment. See the quarter GDP trend since 2014, the current macro economy is still in the process of bottoming stabilized. In three big demand, consumer demand remained relatively stable, the import and export of negative growth characteristics continue to improve, the investment demand growth steadily, but growth momentum driven investment from the promotion of real estate investment growth accelerated to speed up the switching PPP project (the government and social capital cooperation projects) landing and implementation, influence the growth of investment demand on the first three quarters of 2016, the expected level of economic growth will be 6.7% and the three quarter GDP growth in the first half of the year was flat, the level of economic growth is expected to achieve annual target. From the survey results of the quarterly economic situation, forecast in the surveyed agencies involved in the investigation of the first three quarters of 2016 GDP year-on-year growth in the 7 institutions that will increase with the level of GDP in the first half year unchanged. Among them, the first three quarters of 2016 GDP.相关的主题文章: