The trunk of Tibet 120 cm Guan Gong knife knife is used to kill the man actually alleging fish

The trunk of Tibet 120 cm Guan Gong knife knife is used to kill the fish man said the reporter learned from the traffic police department, recently, the Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police Haicang Bridge Bridge, near the road in the west approach of dealing with traffic accident collision process, found a former bus driver Luo suspiciously. The driver Luo "something" is reflected in what? He is the face of the police, eyes always Dodge, some guilty, before the accident and the other case, the police can be seen after was turn into "can immediately". Found abnormal, the police first quietly to help the two sides to deal with the accident, and privately secretly observe Luo’s words and deeds. Police found a Luo in the process, always looking for another police station after the car. Looks like there’s an article in the back of the car! Bridge traffic police to handle the accident, shall be ordered to open the trunk luo. A 120CM, but also opened the front of Guan Gong knife, appeared in front of the police. In this regard, the Luo explained more dumbfounding: Luo hurried excuse this is no harm is the arts and crafts; the company car, do not know who put the knife is in the trunk of the blade; the blood on the left is used to kill the fish…… Kill the fish by Guan Dao?! It is irrelevant. That can not be justified, Luo hurriedly asked the police to let it go. Due to alleged illegal carrying knives, according to the police investigation will be handed over to the police station luo. Traffic police tips: illegal carrying knives, will be subject to legal sanctions. Whether it is a special card check, or found in the handling of the accident, will investigate the legal responsibility of the parties!相关的主题文章: