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On the broad market for fashion trend reversal as early as ten big market outlook Sina Finance blog Level2:A shares of sina finance client: the most extreme Kanpan money investors are using Sina Financial News on February 16th news, Tuesday morning, in the background of the global market, the two cities opening to go, the stock index quickly or expanded to 2%, and re stand on the 2800 point, the subject shares and heavyweights soared together. Afternoon opening, the two overall remain high and volatile, prev or expanded to 3.5%, to the impact of the 2850 point mark, about 2840.62 points, while the gem rose more than 4%, network security, networking, mobile payment concept now limit the influx of. Bin Bin: Changyang is building a medium large bottom. Technically, there should be another rush on Wednesday, and the 2800 race will start on Wednesday. Li Zhen: cherish the bear market rally rebound pattern is   the time did not, can temporary positions, Qingcang short positions or right trading investors can begin to set a good stop loss and profit under the premise of long entry. Huang Jianhua: A shares continue to strengthen the market in the year of the monkey market, take into account the "two sessions of good policy expectations + investors mentality relatively stable + money market approach + technical repair in place" and other factors, we maintain A shares two sessions market is expected to open expectations. Chen Lifeng: the bottom in front to have long-term to   after a sharp decline in January, many stocks have been very cheap, this time to buy and hold firmly and bravely, I believe that in the coming year to two years will have a very good income. Wang Xiaogai: talk about the broad market trend reversal is too early for investors, there will be some short-term recovery of high relative risk positions, relatively minor investors missed missed, bear no loss even earn, while the position itself heavy investors still need to meet the pressure to lighten up, repeated bargain hunting operation. Wagner: volume into West Dayang Dinghaishenzhen combine technical indicators to determine the current market is currently in the bottom of the consolidation phase, can use the day after tomorrow a profit taking time to buy jiancang. Anmin: focus on tomorrow’s small high level market, the two day high speed, the lowest point of 2682, the highest point of 2840, this proves that we are in front of the rebound in the market to judge the correct cycle. But tomorrow is a little bit high, and we need to focus on the level of this little high. Li Zhengjin: pre pressure into support to determine the market, extending from 2638 rising channels remain intact, the trend line to see more than never wrong. Once again on Wednesday, then the upward trend will shift from the previous pressure to support. These: the market will pick up a break 3000 point mark   Xinhua news agency, the prime minister continuous sound, indicating that the Chinese no economic problem, coupled with the current stock market bottom, so some hunters funding approach is very enthusiastic, this time with 3000 points is not a problem, investors can still be held up. Wu2198: a brief discussion on the rebound of the wave 普涨行情谈趋势反转为时尚早 十大博客看后市 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用    新浪财经讯 2月16日消息,周二早盘,在全球市场回暖背景下,两市高开高走,沪指很快涨幅扩大至2%,并重新站上2800点,题材股与权重股齐飙升。午后开盘,两市总体维持高位震荡,沪指盘中涨幅扩大至3.5%,欲冲击2850点关口,高见2840.62点,而创业板大涨逾4%,网络安全、物联网、移动支付等概念现涨停潮。   彬哥:长阳构筑中期大底   技术上看,周三市场应该还有一个冲高的局面出现,2800点的争夺将会在周三展开。   李臻:珍惜熊市中的反弹   反弹格局是确立的,时空也没到,可以暂时持仓,轻仓或者空仓做右侧交易的投资者可以开始在设置好止损止盈的前提下进场做多。   黄建华:A股猴年持续走强 市场回暖   综合考虑“两会政策利好预期+投资者心态相对平稳+资金逆市进场+技术修复到位”等因素影响,我们维持A股两会行情有望开启的预期。   陈立峰:底在眼前 要有长期准备   a股经过了一月份大幅的下跌,现在很多股票已经非常便宜,这个时候要勇敢地买入并且坚定地持有,相信在未来的一年到两年的时间内会有非常不错的收益。   王小盖:普涨行情谈趋势反转为时尚早   对于投资者而言,短期追高相对会存在一定风险,仓位相对较轻的投资者错过了就错过了,熊市不亏即使赚,而仓位本身重的投资者仍需逢压力位减仓,反复进行高抛低吸操作。   西风看盘:放量大阳成定海神针   结合技术指标判断目前大盘目前处于底部盘整阶段,可以利用明后天获利盘回吐时机买入建仓。   anmin:关注明天小高点的级别   大盘这两天高速上涨,最低点2682,最高点2840,这个证明我们对前面大盘处于反弹周期的判断正确。但是,明天是个小高点,我们要关注这个小高点的级别。   李正金:前期压力转化为支撑决定行情延伸   起于2638的上升通道保持完好,趋势线上做多看多绝不会错。一旦周三再度走高,则后期趋势上轨将由前期的压力华丽转身为支撑。   拾金客:大盘一口气会突破3000点大关   新华社、总理连续发声,表明目前中国经济没有问题,再加上目前股市基本到底部,所以一些抄底资金进场非常踊跃,本次拿下3000点不是问题,投资者仍可以持股待涨。   wu2198:本波反弹暂看涨500点   目前投资者没有害怕和恐慌的理由,而应越来越淡定,耐心等待这波反弹行情。    (江山)     点击查看更多博文 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: