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The snow in Chongqing like a fairy tale! After the early morning of November 8th, BA Xiang in Chongqing City Huang dam 2000 meters above sea area, Yunyang county and Dang scenic area and Fengjie and pillars of high altitude mountain snow, collective, 9 am, cold air continues to power, Wuxi Hongchiba scenic area, Wulong fairy Mountain Scenic Area in high altitude area down ruixue. Is the fairy mountain people play Ms. Lee said, 9 am began to snow, in the morning has been integrated into the thick snow, the fairy mountain scenic area was wrapped in a white world, like a fairy tale, the snow is the most awesome, at present, can make a snowman snowball and ski. From the city meteorological station forecast, November 9th 8-14, the main city: rain, 12 DEG C; 14-20, rain, 12-13 degrees. Out of time (7-9), cloudy with scattered light rain at about 10. Today the cold days, 11 month 10 day, the sun is expected to return, the temperature will also be a way to run, to see the snow people need to pay close attention to, because the 10 to start the day, due to the change of meteorological conditions such as temperature, high altitude mountain snow will stop. At present, Chongqing province has snow respectively in Yunyang, Fengjie, Wuxi, Wushan, Yunyang, Wulong, Chengkou in high altitude area and mountainous area. Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter Wang Shan, according to the four high-speed law enforcement detachment news, November 8th morning to late at night, the sand to the cold water section of Shanghai and Chongqing Expressway the temperature suddenly dropped below zero, the depths of up to 21 centimeters of snow. It is understood that this year’s first snow last year for nearly two months ahead. The high-speed law enforcement team said, in order to further improve the road salt density, improve traffic efficiency, take a two-way cross salt, realizes 30 minutes of bidirectional 20 km ice road and salt full coverage. Four high-speed law enforcement detachment to remind the driver, please import Hubei and Chongqing, Shanghai and Chongqing Expressway Traffic sand to cold water section, must advance check the condition of the vehicle, the prevailing process must slow down, keep enough safe distance with the front of the car, please stay away from the big truck on the way to exercise, do not stop at the roadside to enjoy snow or photograph, also need to listen to the command of the field of law enforcement officers, ordered by snow and ice road. What the weather will be warmed up after the snow melt pavement more slippery, please travel vehicles cautious driving. The "stove" Chongqing morning snow snow amorous feelings

重庆这些地方下雪了 美得像童话! 继11月8日凌晨,重庆境内的城口黄安坝海拔2000米以上的地区、云阳县上坝乡的锣鼓宕景区、奉节和石柱的高海拔山区,集体降雪后,9日凌晨,冷空气继续法力,为巫溪红池坝景区、武隆仙女山景区等高海拔地区降下瑞雪。正在仙女山游玩的市民李女士表示,9日凌晨开始的降雪,到了清晨已积成厚厚的积雪,整个仙女山景区被包裹在一个银装素裹的世界,美得像童话一般,最给力的,是目前的积雪条件,完全可以堆雪人打雪仗和滑雪啦。来自市气象台的预测,11月9日8-14时,主城:雨,12℃左右;14-20时,雨,12-13℃。外出时段(7-9时),阴天有零星小雨 10℃左右。今天再冷一天后,11月10日,久违的阳光有望重返,气温也将一路快跑,有意赏雪的市民需要抓紧了,因为10日开始,由于气温等气象条件的变化,高海拔山区将停止降雪。目前,重庆境内已经飘雪的分别为云阳、奉节、巫溪、巫山、城口、云阳、武隆境内的高海拔景区和山区。上游新闻-重庆晨报记者 王珊另据市高速执法四支队的消息,11月8日上午开始到深夜,沪渝高速公路沙子至冷水段气温骤然下降至零度以下,最深处积雪达21厘米左右。据了解,今年首场下雪比去年足足提前了近两个月。高速执法队员表示,为进一步提高路面撒盐密度,提高通行效率,采取了双向交叉撒盐,实现了30余分钟对双向20余公里冰雪路面的撒盐全覆盖。高速执法四支队提醒广大驾乘人员,请进出渝鄂,通行沪渝高速公路沙子至冷水段时,一定要提前检查好车辆车况,通行过程中一定要减速慢行,与前车保持足够的安全距离,行使途中请远离大型货车,更不得停在路边欣赏雪景或拍照,同时需要听从现场执法人员的指挥,有序通过冰雪路段。接下来天气将升温,积雪融化后路面更显湿滑,请出行车辆加倍谨慎行驶。 “火炉”重庆今晨下雪 银装素裹别样风情相关的主题文章: