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Home-Improvement During large scale home improvement projects often the most critical and overlooked addition to a home, condominium or town home is the installation of fire sprinklers. Each year fires are the cause of more deaths in the United States than the .bination of all other natural disasters. Even with the increase in natural calamities over the past few years, home fires remain a more personal and imminent threat. These fires quit often strike at the most inopportune moments and quickly build into an unstoppable inferno. The first line of defense in most homes is the smoke alarm. Unfortunately too many home owners do not take the time to periodically check the operational state of their smoke detectors. In addition, many smoke detectors are misplaced; either on a wall or near a constant source of fresh air from an air duct thereby negating their effectiveness at detecting smoke. Smoke detectors cannot and should not be your only line of defense against this silent killer. Thanks to legislation, many new condominium and town-homes will be required by law to include a fire protection system in the form of automatic fire sprinklers, giving the new home owners a new and infinitely more effective line of defense for safeguarding their families and possessions. While this law will only apply to newly constructed homes, current home owners are encouraged install their own fire sprinkler system. In homes with a fire sprinkler system installed, the chances of death from a home fire lowered by over 50%. A fire needs heat, fuel and an air source for it to burn. Fire sprinklers take away the heat from this mix thereby extinguishing the fire. Contrary to popular belief these systems are relatively inexpensive, especially when .pared to other factors such as the potential damages and property loss from a house fire and discounts on Fire insurance premiums. Fire Sprinklers not only save the homeowners money, but the .munity as well, reducing the burden on the already overtaxed fire departments and emergency response personnel. Another myth is that fire sprinklers will cause extreme water damage to personal property. On the contrary, in the event of a house fire the firefighters will use nearly 10x as much water to control a fire as would have been required by a simple fire sprinkler system. Currently just over 5% of residential homes have a fire sprinkler system installed, a figure that is disturbingly low. As the government more aware of the dangers of living without a fire suppression system and takes steps to protect us, hopefully each homeowner will heed their advice to protect their own homes and families from fire related accidents. Next time you consider a remodeling project, dont to increase your familys fire defenses and piece of mind by installing a fire sprinkler protection system of your own. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: