The lifting of the 28 mayor of the land claimed Kurdish militants involved in the attempted coup plustek

The soil removal of 28 mayor said to Kurdish militants and attempted coup in the original title: Turkey lifted 28 mayor said involved Kurdish militants and attempted coups in Beijing. In September 12, Ankara news: the Ministry of internal affairs of Turkey local 11, said in a statement, the government lifted the elected mayor soil 24 Kurdish regions of the earth the government suspected of links with the pkk. Turkey’s Anatolia news agency quoted the statement said, because of suspected PKK or "Guellen movement" is associated with the 24 mayors were suspended from duty. At present, the government of Turkey has been restored to the relevant areas of control and taxation. In addition, four other mayors were accused of an attempted military coup in July and was also dismissed. At the same time, the government has assigned new soil to go to the relevant area as long. Pro Kurdish people’s Democratic Party (HDP) 11, said in a statement, the lifting of the mayor’s office this move is a coup". The party believes that the earth government move ignored public opinion, Kurdish region politics is the main goal of the government’s move. A new step of Turkish government against PKK action which has become. Allegedly, the move mainly covers the eastern and southeastern regions of the soil, which involves some of the provincial capital. According to Al Jazeera reported earlier, Turkish President El’s 7 this month, has said in a statement, the government recently launched soil PKK biggest crackdown. The news, from the time since the action, a total of 186 PKK militants were killed, and about 10000 educators because of suspected PKK and the association was suspended. The Turkish government initiated related initiatives Kurdish public discontent, has undergone many demonstrations, and trigger a clash with police. It is reported that some of the affected cities and even cut off the Internet and electricity. Founded in 1979, trying to force the PKK in Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria at the junction of the Kurdish inhabited areas of the founding of the PRC, Turkey, the United States and the European Union as a terrorist organization. In recent years, the government has been committed to the fight against the armed forces. (end) editor: Qu Kun SN117相关的主题文章: