The king asked the neighbors to move singer Ken’s singles shootout has attracted special forces (vid

The king asked the neighbors to move singer Ken’s singles shootout has attracted special forces during the Lakers Nikya long collection Swaggy singled out the James Tencent August 31st sports Mamba overbearing hearing American singer Chris Brown recently caught an armed incident, and he lived in a community of the Losangeles Lakers player Nick Yang expressed dissatisfaction, he specially recorded a video, ask Brown move away from the community now. Nikya expressed dissatisfaction with the neighbors, singles King posted on his Instagram home page of this video, the video he said: "God, buddy, you have to move out of here, go, please. Because of you, our community in the flames of war. Although we are friends, but you have to go, because you, special forces are coming, the helicopter has been flying around here. There are only two of us here, and there’s only one. I really love you, we are brothers, will go out to play, but to you, you have to move." In this video, Nick Yang said as he shook his head and looked up at the sky from time to time. From the video background sound can also hear the sound of helicopter flight. Brown had a gun in his home threatened a woman, police arrived after the confrontation with the police, Brown. The former was arrested by the police, he also from your own window threw out a bag containing drugs and pistols. Brown is 27 years old, is a famous rap singer in the United States, in 2012 his album "F.A.M.E." won the Grammy Award for best rap album". Although the singing career is booming, but Brown’s trouble outside, 2009 he and the famous female singer Rihanna contacts, but the violence against the implementation of the Rihanna, was sentenced to 80 days in prison. Singles King recent days have been difficult, last season, he averaged 19.2 minutes after the game came to a rookie season after the lowest, the average field of 7.3 points and shooting rate of 33.9% also hit a new low career. It is reported that the Lakers are trying to trade him, if there is no other team to accept, the Lakers are likely to cut him off. (Niu Niu) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: