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UnCategorized A few years ago the Jones Generation were mixed in with the Baby Boomers, but a few years ago a new name, the Jones Generation emerged in the USA to cover those aged between 35 and 50. This group are big spenders looking for lifestyle ideas. They have their favourite stores, Nordstrom in the USA for example and a soda drink named after them. Why are they a critically important group, it is because they tend to be critical, but also the silent majority. They depend customer service when they go shopping, if they do not receive it, they tell their friends and go somewhere else, you may not even be aware that you have upset them. The Jones Generation tend to seek out retailers who provide exceptional customer service and they are quick to tell their friends about the service they receive, good or bad. When it comes to retailing to this group there are a number of pointers we need to be aware of: 1.They seek out new products, but unlike the generation X behind them ,they do not instinctively know what is new. We as retailers need to tell them. Place NEW signs next to new products, this may sound like common sense,but it always amazes me how many retailers miss this basic part of retailing. 2.Customer service is critical. I would introduce a mystery shop organisation into my business culture and ask them to check my customer service standards on a regular programme. Customer service is one of the most critical aspects when dealing with this generation. 3.In conferences I often talk about this group as the Latte set. In other words in a lot of retail situations you can grow your business with the provision of the right coffee offer to allow them to relax within their shopping experience within your store. 4.Pester Power is an important criteria in the Jones Generation home and lifestyle. Many of these consumers have small children and they will select their shopping destination based on how child friendly the retail outlet is to their children. You need to ensure that all your team and your facilities are child friendly and take down any signs that indicate that you could be an unfriendly environment to children. 5.The Jones generation are fashion conscious and expect your team and store to keep up with trends and fashions. This means you and your team need to subscribe to the same magazines as they do and act upon the ideas in those magazines. I have a number of clients who get the magazines and then rip them up and put the appropriate pictures on Mood boards in the staff room. This allows them to monitor colour and fashion trends that are being portrayed in the magazines. This then allows them to merchandise and display products based on the trends being promoted. The Jones Generation are the new powerhouse when it comes to consumers, they have money and want to spend it. Every retailer needs to get to know them and understand their needs. About the Author: John Stanley is a conference speaker and retail consultant with over 20 years experience in 15 countries. John works with retailers around the world assisting them with their merchandising, staff and management training, customer flow, customer service and image. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: