The Earthquake And Fire Of 1906 In San

Reference-and-Education The city of San Francisco suffered tremendous disaster in the morning hours of April 18, 1906 when a phenomenally strong earthquake shook the California city to its core. The natural disaster was enough to reduce the city and many of its buildings to rubble, but the fire that resulted from ruptured gas lines continued to ravage the city for three days after the quake. The earthquake of that year would measure 8.25 on the modern Richter scale, and thus would be even greater than the 1989 quake measuring 6.7. The earthquake struck at 5.15 in the morning, a time when most of the city’s residents were fast asleep- and the ground beneath them shook in a way that would seem to devour the city as a whole. The quake destroyed the city’s infrastructure- transportation, .munication, power, sewer, and water systems and this acted as a catalyst to the fire that raged on for three days. The fires resulting from the ruptured gas lines soon engulfed this Northern Californian town in flames. Government buildings, hotels, schools, offices all burned to their .plete destruction and all that was left of them was the charred remains. The Fairmont Hotel, which had been just constructed, was totally destroyed in the fire before it could start business. Nearly 490 city blocks were .pletely destroyed by the earthquake and the fire. The city was totally ruined and the helpless citizens struggled to find family members, neighbors, and friends who were lost in the rubble. Doctors and nurses worked day and night to take care of the wounded in damaged hospitals without power and facing shortages of critical medications, bandages, and other tools. When the firefighters and .mon citizens working together finally recovered from the three-day stretch of destruction, they evaluated the damage. The number of buildings .pletely destroyed was 25,000 and those structurally damaged and requiring a great deal of time and money to rebuild and reconstruct were twice as many. The damages calculated on the turn-of-the-century dollar rates went way above $350,000,000 in cost. Many businesses and homeowners abandoned their dreams to relocate and rebuild in an area considered safer. It took the city many years to get back on its feet. The homeless men, women and children were around 250,000. But the San Franciscans rose above their sorrows and bandied together to give shelter to the homeless in buildings that were not destroyed in the quake or fire. The San Franciscans worked hard and quick to rebuild, creating shelters to the homeless. Tragically, between 450 and 700 individuals were killed in that three day period. Horror stories emerged as the days went on, with men, women, and children recounting the terrible sights of humans burning alive in the streets. Entire families were killed, and a substantial number of children were left orphans due to the disasters. Again, the city banded together and worked as one to help the survivors. The great earthquake and fire of 1906 will forever be etched in the memory and history of San Francisco. This event shaped the city’s mindset and will certainly never be f.otten. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: