The complete story of sparrow is introduced to the finale what is the outcome of Chen’s three

The complete story of "sparrow" is introduced to the finale   what is the outcome of Chen’s three provinces? – Jiangxi Channel – People’s original title: "sparrow" to the end of the whole story to the outcome of the three provinces of the Soviet Union, such as the outcome? The barber was a double agent, lurking in the Wang puppet spy headquarters chief Bi Zhongliang side agent. "Sparrow" in Chen deep, in the very period of joining the Communist Party underground organization, and ordered to "switch to" Wang puppet spy agencies. He love a drink called KbaC drinks, often go to MGM ballroom dancing, playing in the joy, but also helped the puppet leader opium business management agents. No matter from which point of view, he is a well of Shanghai "shiraai people", has a little bit position, can summon wind and call for rain. But behind the glitz, what we see is a silent warrior, experiencing surface placid, actually thrilling battle. He has no relatives, but he is not alone, he is loyal to the party. In the deep human nature, only faith consistent from beginning to end. He believes that, once you have a noble faith, impetuous soul had Yuntie, the struggle of life has meaning. She is the Hanzhoung special training class of students, her romantic temperament is outstanding, she was assigned as the Tangshan sea wife, from Chongqing to Shanghai Wang puppet spy agencies undercover, but no enough quality agent. It can be said that she was in the presence of Wang puppet spy agency, Chen and Tangshan sea is to make common sense of time bomb. Seemingly careless, inattentive and outspoken. But Xu Bicheng and on the contrary, this seemingly fresh girl actually careful, is an excellent quality of the female agents, Chen deep on-line doctor". Her cover is the three acting actress in the film studio. Because once on the battlefield by Chen deep saved a life, and affectionate with brother chen. Because of his arrest "prime minister", Chen deep began to doubt, and step by step, set a heavy machine. And Chen deep fought a frenemy juntong personnel Tang Shanhai, he has the love, also have a dream, a contemptuous disregard to Chen deep refined and cultured, the Communist Party identity. But with the potential, they have to cooperate. The revolution of Marxist faith, because the traitor was arrested, but in order to faith and family, decided to abandon the rescue Chen Shen orchestrated, decidedly kangkaijiuyi. (Lorna, commissioning editor Mao Siyuan) original title: "what is introduced to complete the sparrow" finale Chen deep Jiangsu provinces etc.? The plot diversity is introduced: the first set of Chen Shenqiao legged sitting in the warm spring like MGM ballroom. He never thought of, very cool and the ballroom of Tibet Road, a sudden snow from the endless black sky fall silent. An hour before he and the correspondent was connected to the head, did not think the prime minister is actually a woman. His eyes fell on the prime minister’s black woolen coat. It was a very elaborate coat, Chen thought, and the stitching of the coat was so uniform and dense that it was from Ningbo. He has always been a sharp eyed man. Men and women through the dance floor shaking figure, you can see Lee)相关的主题文章: