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Taiwan sees the "foreign fishing vessels", see National Overseas suffering pirates seized nearly 5 years, Shen Ruizhang (front right) in all running rescue turnaround, 26 finally to see captain Zhong Hui de son crying regret not kneel down, and the captain back together, not even the captain’s ashes again, he said "the captain is in order to save everyone to sacrifice", "the captain is one of the most courageous people". China Taiwan network October 28th news according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that 26 of the crew survived by Somali pirates after 4 and a half years Oman from Taiwan fishing boat No. NAHAM3 during the 22 day Taiwan crew rescued, Shen Ruizhang has been reunited with his family, his wife Shen 27 through social software issued a statement accusing the Taiwan authorities 1000. Incapable of action, ruthless shipowner. Yang Xiuhui said last night she stayed up all night, the heart has a profound experience, if not the kind people to help, they would not have a reunion day, the whole family will never forget the help of grace, but she also said the owners hate. The statement pointed out that in 2014, Shen Ruizhang has been the pirates arrested over the past 2 years, the Taiwan authorities have been seeking to help families, but said the Taiwan authorities cannot intervene, it cannot help the owner; Hong Kaohsiung is more hateful, indicating that it was a foreign ship, they have no way. Hong Gaoxiong in Kaohsiung popular hot drink, it is cold. She said, the shipping company, the ship owner is heartless, they call Shen Ruizhang and crew to the dangerous sea fishing, making a lot of money for him, he had a luxurious life in Kaohsiung, but in the life of a pirate bear the torture. She hung Kaohsiung propaganda, Shen Ruizhang is the Democratic Progressive Party, but through this thing, when she saw the Taiwanese have difficult, there is no color difference, only gurouzhiqing. Hong Gaoxiong is indifferent, in the media said, "your heart is really very hard, we must to the bad boss, boss used for 26 survivors to seek justice, also for 3 have been killed and tortured to death by the ghosts of justice". Shen’s wife Yang Xiuhui 27 daily social software cited more than 1 thousand word statement, except for this way, help out your husband, also criticized the cold-blooded, ruthless owner. Shen’s wife Yang Xiuhui statement excerpts are as follows: there is a key process behind this time my husband’s rescue, because his identity is very special, he always does not allow me to mention his name. But now my husband is back, I must thank him. It is in the background that he has been silent command and arrange rescue operations, my husband can go home. In 2014, her husband has been pirates scratching for 2 years, our family has been seeking the Taiwan authorities in the past two years to help, but the authorities told us that they cannot intervene, also can’t help, the ship owner is more hateful, he said nothing to them, it is a foreign ship, you go to a foreigner. But when the owner is Hong Kaohsiung, he drink hot in Kaohsiung is very popular, so treat for us, just as we have in despair, the 2014 New Year’s day, we received a phone call, said that with "NAHAM3" fishing boats, let’s go to his office immediately. As soon as we entered Mr. Li’s office, we saw that the whole office was "NAHA"相关的主题文章: