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The State Bureau for letters WeChat public number will open in September 1st – Beijing Legal Network Beijing on August 25th news reporter Liang Shibin WeChat public, the State Bureau for letters will be opened in September 1st, this is the July 1st "mobile phone letters" APP on the line, to broaden the channels of letters and visits, convenient mass is another important step. By then, will form a network of one end of a micro online petition platform to further create an open, dynamic, transparent, convenient sunshine petition new model. The State Bureau for letters WeChat has set up "public information" and "the guide" and "online petition" function, after the opening of the public by the State Bureau for letters portal to scan two-dimensional code, or find in WeChat in the State Bureau for letters ", pay attention to the micro signal, you can submit complaints in the online petition or channel request recommendations can also query handling of petitions and satisfaction evaluation. An important platform for the public, the State Bureau for letters of petition is also WeChat news release, information disclosure, the work of the petition system reform, the latest progress of the petition system of an important meeting, around the petition departments of new initiatives, new experiences reported on the interpretation of the petition work related policies and regulations, and the story will open and other columns. About the grass-roots petition cadres for the masses to solve problems of the case and the story. WeChat public letter will focus on the number of letters and visits, highlighting the authority of the perspective, convenient service, sincere interaction, for the masses to understand the petition information, letters and complaints submitted petitions and recommendations to provide better service.相关的主题文章: