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Spurs outside scoring rate of 24% data to see the Spurs difficult revenge knight? The team had lost to Sir Leonard disappointed Beijing time on November 5th, the Spurs will be away at the jazz. Two days ago, the home court sits the Spurs to a 91-106 win against rivals. The game will be the Spurs’ revenge! [Click to see the small NBA completely predictable!] fifth regular season games, the Spurs lost to jazz in home court. In this game, the Spurs at both ends there are problems, have inside Twin Towers Gasol and Aldridge are the Spurs lost to rivals in rebounds, four games before the Spurs field were opponents only 93 points, the game allows the Jazz scored 106 points, fourth day jazz is kuangkan 33 the final points to win the game. The two teams score ability compared according to Sina lottery small intelligent NBA statistics, summarizing the regular season, the Spurs outwire score was only 24%, this figure is far lower than that of its rival jazz. In the last game, the Spurs scored three points in only 6 of the vote, the hit rate of 30% in. In the 6 hit three pointers, Leonard 1 of 7 shots and hit 5. This game, Leonard played 35 minutes, scored 30 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals. In the post GDP era, although it has been a well deserved leader of the Spurs, but such data has been unable to ask him more. As Ginobili grew older, Parke sports ability fall spurs in the back line has no better choice, backup point guard Mills averaged only 8.5 points, the Spurs fire outside the shortage has been gradually emerging. In the last season, the Spurs team averaged three points shot for the 20.8 time, the figure in the League of the 30 teams ranked only in the top twenty-sixth. The Spurs Sir vs efficiency value contrast from the above data is not difficult to see that the two teams not much difference between the value of efficiency. If you want to win the Spurs on the road of revenge, on how to solve the problem of lack of fire outside, coach Popovich will be a lot of reasons. (Xiao Tong)相关的主题文章: