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[Sina] five Harbin medical expert Li Min: eating fish fishbone card throat do not need to be cautious (Tian Shaodong Wang Su) nowadays, swallowing fresh fish on the market a large number of listed, the price is a lot cheaper than usual, so buy fish also is many. Because the mouth is stuck by fishbone, the voice of the person also accordingly rises. Harbin City Fifth Hospital Department of ENT outpatient only in the National Day holiday 7 days on the diagnosis and treatment of more than 30 fish eating careless fishbone stuck in the throat of patients. At noon on October 6th, a middle-aged man Liu and his family ate lunch, when eating fish accidentally stuck fishbone throat, wanted to swallow, the result of the fishbone not only did not swallow, but make the throat more painful. Subsequently, Liu came to the fifth hospital of Harbin otolaryngology clinic for treatment. The doctor on duty found the fishbone stuck in the throat through the throat mirror and removed it with long forceps. According to Li Min, director of Department of ENT, Harbin fifth hospital, from from October 1st to 7th, the minimum number of admissions of such patients per day 3 people, a long time to reach 5 people. In the 7 day, more than 30 patients were taken out of the throat, fishbone, fish bone and chicken bone. Li Min reminded the public: must eat slowly when you eat fish, once encountered such foreign fishbone stuck throat department, remember not to swallow hard, hard to swallow because easily cause throat infection, abscess. Feel the fishbone stuck throat, should immediately rushed to the hospital for medical treatment, and take it out.

【新浪医讯】哈市五院专家李敏:吃鱼需谨慎 鱼刺卡嗓忌吞咽   (田少东 王甦)时下,市场上的鲜活鱼大量上市,鱼价也比平日便宜了许多,因此买鱼的人也就多了。因嘴急被鱼刺卡住嗓子的人也相应多了起来。哈尔滨市第五医院耳鼻喉科门诊仅在国庆长假7天就诊治了30多名吃鱼时不慎被鱼刺卡住嗓子的患者。   10月6日中午,一名中年男子刘某和家人吃午饭,在吃鱼时不慎被鱼刺卡住嗓子,本想一口吞咽下去,结果鱼刺非但没咽下去,反而使咽喉部更疼了。随后刘某来到哈尔滨市第五医院耳鼻喉门诊进行就诊。值班医生通过咽喉镜检查发现卡在咽喉部的鱼刺,便用长镊子将其取出。   据哈尔滨市第五医院耳鼻喉科主任李敏介绍,从10月1日至7日,每天最少接诊此类患者3人次,多时达到5人次。7天中共为30多名患者从咽喉部取出鱼刺、鱼骨及鸡骨。   李敏提醒广大市民:吃鱼时一定要细嚼慢咽,一旦遇上鱼刺等异物卡住咽喉部时,切记不能硬吞咽,因为硬吞咽极易引起咽喉部感染、脓肿。感觉到鱼刺卡住咽喉部时应立即赶往医院就医,并将其取出。相关的主题文章: