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Large shopping malls not top-quality   experts teach you how to avoid bad selection of Ningxia channel, recently, Yinchuan Market Supervision Bureau of Xingqing branch, a branch of the Xixia in Yinchuan City, Wangfujing department store and Xinhua Fang Parkson Ningyang department stores and large shopping malls to clothing, footwear sampling, and how to select qualified the goods are recommended in large shopping malls. Buy clothing, to see the identity of the product, each product should be attached with product labels and certificates, composition and content, containing raw materials, washing mark, size marking business name and address, product name, the implementation of the standard number, grade, Inspection Certificate (inspectors), security technology category etc. content. In addition, functional clothing also need to use and storage conditions of attention, product use period and so on. Regular production of product identification and identification of gaps and improve the accuracy, reliable product quality is not chaos. General selection of high-grade garment fabric, full cotton high count wool fabric, cashmere fabrics such as cotton fabric or clothing; the general selection of imported chemical materials; and low-grade clothing generally used in all fiber materials containing low amount of cotton or polyester fabric. When you buy, pay attention to the fabric logo and fabric texture, soft feel, good permeability of cotton fabric is good. Buy shoes, should pay attention to check the suture line and upper side and bottom adhered seam. Touch the inner cavity of shoes by hand and see if there is uneven phenomenon inside and inside the shoe so as to avoid scratching feet. Check the heel stiff parts, cannot have goukan traces below the ankle flexibility is good, not perfect, otherwise easy to damage the ankle. Market supervision and law enforcement officers remind consumers, pay close attention to the authority of the commodity inspection information released, buy substandard goods, you can call 12345, 12315 for reporting. (reporter wisdom) (Li Yanfen, Ma: commissioning editor sweet) 大型商场未必件件精品 专家教你如何避劣选优–宁夏频道–人民网   近日,银川市市场监管局兴庆一分局、西夏分局对银川市国芳百盛、王府井百货和新华百货宁阳店等大型商场的服装、鞋品进行抽检,并对如何在大商场选购合格商品给出建议。   选购服装,要先看清楚产品的标识,每件产品都应该附有产品的说明标签和合格证,含有原料的成分与含量、号型标志、洗涤标志、企业名称与地址、产品名称、执行标准编号、等级、检验证明(检验员)、安全技术类别等多项内容。另外,功能性的服装还需有使用和储藏条件的注意事项、产品使用期限等内容。正规企业生产的产品标识完善准确,而标识缺漏或混乱的产品质量不可靠。   高档服装一般选用高支全棉纱面料、全毛面料、羊绒面料等;一般服装选用涤棉面料或进口化纤材料;而低档服装一般选用全化纤材料或含棉量较低的涤棉面料。选购时要注意面料的成分标识和面料的质地,手感柔软、透气性好的全棉面料为好。   选购鞋品,应注重查看鞋帮缝合线和帮底粘合缝。可用手触摸鞋的内腔,看鞋里面和内底上是否有凹凸不平现象,以免擦伤脚。检查鞋后跟硬挺部位,不能有沟坎痕迹,脚踝下方弹性良好,不能过硬,否则容易损伤脚踝。   市场监管执法人员特别提醒消费者,密切留意权威部门发布的商品抽查检验信息,购到不合格商品,可拨打12345、12315进行举报。(记者 智慧) (责编:李彦芬、马甜)相关的主题文章: