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Shaanxi Ji director Shangguan Haomin choupai "Thunderbolt" challenge the Hollywood blockbuster X-Men – Entertainment Sohu, according to the reporter, film and television industry China is preparing in the movie, a movie is experiencing all kinds of social studies and market argument, that is the movie "Shaanxi Ji director Shangguan Haomin remake of the thunderbolt strike force". The drama director Wang Jianxiang as the first by Shangguan Haomin, screenwriter, more numerous professional military and legal personnel serve as consultant, to ensure the normal shooting and release. Yesterday, reporters interviewed the director to understand the Shangguan Haomin, Mr. Xiao Junping has been chairman of the Shaanxi Shangluo City jade Shi Qishi Merlot industry limited company, in support of Mr. Wang Zhenjiang of Moutai general manager of Guizhou Bo Ying wine group and general manager of Xi’an Han Xiaobo Michinoku Electronic Technology Co. company mr.. According to Haomin Shangguan said the total investment of this film is more than 30 million, of which a large part of the circle of many entrepreneurs to raise public investment, to provide help and support for this is the great dream Chinese military theme "Thunderbolt" X-Men shooting. The reporter learned from the circle of the cast is also very strong, which is also a part of foreign actors, reporters call Singapore actor Du Yile and Hongkong actor Wang Ziheng learned that they had received an invitation to the director, and intends to join the drama, they said that this drama is comparable to Hollywood blockbusters, is a major upgrade China military theme movie that is going to the international market, promote national prestige, a cultural symbol of the army. Haomin said the positive Shangguan will cooperate with relevant state departments for approval and audit, and has completed the initial script related demonstration and capital reserve, whether foreign actors or Chinese actors to join, will be with the trend of foreign film culture, to the new. But the director intends to Shangguan Haomin filmed movie series, also welcome more investors and entrepreneurs support, and join the many movie stars.相关的主题文章: