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Choose a different color value of compact SUV joint venture personality recommendation Phoenix car Beijing Guide: I mentioned in the previous article, now 90 generation has become a force in auto sales market. They like the pursuit of personality and fashion, moderation and business models are not what they want. A writer has recommended several personality value Yan joint venture B vehicle, and today, I would recommend 5 popular joint venture compact SUV, the same shape their personality style, opened in the street are back rate, 15-22 million price is more in line with the young consumer demand. Personality value Yan SUV recommended joint venture of compact models price discount rate phone MITSUBISHI outlander details 15.98-22.38 million no concessions inquiry 400-068-1313 turn 664 KIA KX5 details 15.68-23.18 million maximum discount of 38 thousand to 673 Peugeot 3008 details of the inquiry 400-068-1313 15.27-21.97 million 010-67476458 highest preferential 33 thousand Lei Jia inquiry Renault details 16.38-21.98 million 010-88368999 Mazda CX-4 maximum discount of 18 thousand inquiry details of 14.08-21.58 million no concessions the inquiry 010-62359395 tab: Phoenix car, a MITSUBISHI outlander promotion time: 2016.11.07-2016.11.13 2016 MITSUBISHI Europe blue 2.4L 4WD GLS 7 Phoenix car price information news: Recently, Phoenix car regional editors from Beijing Shun Ling was informed by the dealer, the store outlander has a small car in the sale, no Car Buying Discount, sent 500 yuan spree. Interested in this car friends may wish to pay more attention to. Please see the table below: the price of the latest price change table outlander quotation unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of inventory situation 2016 2.0L two 5 15.98 15.98 drive fashion version of the inquiry of 0 small car 2016 2.4L AWD elite 5 18.98 18.98 inquiry of 0 small car 2016 four-wheel drive models 2.4L deluxe edition 7 19.68 19.68 inquiry of 0 small car 2016 2.4L four-wheel drive version of the 7 seat 22.38 distinguished 22.38 inquiry of 0 small car more concessions please contact the dealer for free Tel: 400-068-1313 6642016 MITSUBISHI outlander 2.4L four-wheel drive version of the 7 seat distinguished financial policy: insurance, priced at 159 thousand and 800 to 2016 2.0L two drive version of the model 5 is as an example. The first car insurance costs 6 thousand and 500 yuan. Loans, according to the central bank benchmark interest rate down payment of 30% years of three相关的主题文章: