Rongcheng opened this morning to cool the cold air after the onset of a sharp decline in the day aft

Rongcheng Jinming open mode rainy cold air strikes after substantial cooling weather in Fuzhou Strait news network November 20th (Strait Metropolis Daily (micro-blog) reporter Zhu Minmin Xia Yuqing) the warm sunny weather has curtain call, Rongcheng immediately open a cold autumn rain pattern. Yesterday morning, the weather in Rongcheng is also good, a little after noon, in the highest temperature reached 28 degrees +, but tomorrow Fuzhou City overcast with light rain, locally moderate, there are outdoor activities over the weekend the best friend to carry umbrellas. Next week, the rain did not stop, I suggest you the next four or five days, the best umbrella. Temperature, the temperature dropped slightly in Fuzhou today, but not hot or cold, the overall body feeling is more comfortable. However, the day after tomorrow night, affected by cold air temperature in Fuzhou will have a more significant decline, please be prepared in advance warm clothing. It should be noted that the central and southern regions of the province today, there is heavy rain, accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall and other severe convective weather, 24 hours rainfall 50~80 mm, locally more than 100 mm. Provincial Meteorological Observatory yesterday released the Fujian Province in the south central region rainstorm warning and rainstorm warning iv". Air quality, during the day, the central and southern coastal air pollution meteorological conditions two to a level. Fuzhou, Xiamen two city air quality is good, the primary pollutant is PM10 or PM2.5. Quanzhou air quality excellent, no primary pollutants. Editor: Xiao Shu (Strait network)相关的主题文章: