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Revive trade and investment, the construction of an open world economy (G20? Construction innovation, vitality, linkage and tolerance in the world economy) – Politics – "world economic development history has proved that opening up progress, the cause behind closed." In the face of the current protectionism, international trade and investment downturn reality, President Xi Jinping in September 3rd of the group of twenty (G20) and the opening ceremony of the summit, clearly pointed out the significance of opening to the world economy. "In the face of the current challenges, we should build an open world economy, continue to promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation." President Xi Jinping at the Hangzhou summit of G20 leaders on the idea of opening speech, to the current world economic issue, with the era of economic globalization trend, winning high praise. The world economy common space narrowed beggar thy neighbour a set of data caused by world vigilance: the World Trade Organization released in April this year, the global trade report pointed out that this year’s Global trade growth is expected to only 2.8%, continue to lower than the average level of the past 30 years 5%; WTO’s Report also showed that since 2008, a total of 1583 G20 members to take measures of trade restriction so far, only the abolition of 387; the British Economic Policy Research Center released "Global Trade Alert", as the world’s largest economy, the United States has taken more than 600 trade protection measures from 2008 to 2016, 2015 only took 90, average every 4 days to launch a. For the current international trade and investment issues, President Xi Jinping clearly warned: "return to the old beggar my neighbour is unable to get rid of, not only its own crisis and recession, the world economy will be narrowed and the common space, leading to" lose lose "situation." "We should be well aware that global economic growth will be lower than that of the Great Depression of 30s." Boston Consulting Group Chairman Hans – Paul, in an interview with this reporter, the international trade and investment continued to worry about the downturn in the. Marx, a professor at the National University of St. Carlos, Peru, has been studying trade for a long time. He believes that trade and investment are closely related, and the more investment, the deeper the degree of trade exchanges between the two countries. The rapid development of trade and investment is of great significance to the building of a more open world economy. "We need an open world to increase the depth and breadth of development." Tanzania international experts Jafar? Muyasili told reporters that trade and investment is the key to promote the recovery of the world economy, so G20 agreed to oppose trade protectionism, improve investment liberalization and facilitation, the world economic recovery is good information. Love cool weather forecasting company president Barry? Meyers said in an interview with this reporter, Chinese will continue to participate in the process of economic globalization, supporting the multilateral trading system, increase the relaxation of foreign investment access, such a statement encouraging, reflects the China concept of cooperation, will promote the development of international trade. Do the advocates and promoters of "open world economy of the group of twenty nations should resolutely avoid beggar thy neighbour).相关的主题文章: