Renewal is not settled Wuguan away Kindergarten (video)

Renewal is not settled Wuguan away kindergarten in Shapingba Feng Tian Da Dao Wei rise new space District Tong Lok Square kindergarten closed, the parents to understand the situation. The picture from the Chongqing morning news reporters Xu Huiyi and she disputes kindergarten closed nearly two hundred children to school difficult encounter Chongqing daily news in Shapingba Phoenix Road Shengwei new space-time district have a children’s band kindergarten, has been opened for 8 years, but recently, but because developers to raise the rent contract is not settled, developers instructed Wuguan forcibly broke the power of kindergarten in the kindergarten, closed. 150 baby’s parents had to go, in 3 days before the basic transfer. The day before yesterday, the property management side also called open door dozens of kindergarten, forcing a facade of kindergarten things to the street, until the police station rushed to the scene to stop each other. According to the Chongqing morning news reports: developers rent kindergarten closed more than and 150 dolls and part at school recently, who lives in Shapingba Feng Tian Da Dao Shengwei new space-time yellow mother-in-law youdianfan: neighborhood children band kindergarten suddenly closed, miss the other kindergarten enrollment, the shift has no grandchildren can. There are many children in the district also encountered a similar situation. Community kindergarten suddenly closed yesterday, the Chongqing morning news reporters came to the kindergarten children’s band. The nursery door closed, through the glass door, you can see the park is a mess, books and toys scattered on the ground. A mother with her granddaughter through kindergarten, 2 year old granddaughter took her to go to the kindergarten. Her mother-in-law said, kindergarten suddenly closed, they had to re look for kindergarten children. "It is certainly more convenient in the district kindergarten." In July this year, Zhang mother-in-law’s grandson in the kindergarten children’s band were reported at the end of August, suddenly received a refund notice, now the children had to another nursery school, but every day for half an hour ahead of time to catch the kindergarten. Developers do not agree to renew the complaint for parents, the kindergarten responsible person Ms. Xu also wronged: not that we do not want to do, but some people do not let us continue to do." Ms. Xu said, the kindergarten children band from the opening in 2008, after years of operation, is now a kindergarten. "In August 19th this year, the kindergarten venue rental expires. In accordance with the contract, the lease expires, Party B shall renew, notify Party A in written form 30 days ahead of time, such as after receiving the written notice to Party B within 30 days from the date of the party does not give a written reply, is regarded as the default party B agreed to renew the contract, automatically extended for one year." Ms. Xu said that in April this year, she was sent to the developers to apply for renewal. But has not received a reply from each other. Not long ago, someone told Ms. Xu, he has been in the online site to hang out the transfer of information. Has filed a lawsuit to the court, Ms. Xu and the developer conducted a number of communication. "In July, the kindergarten received withdrawal notices sent to developers, but I think, since the other side did not reply to my application, should be the default renewal, even if really want to withdraw, at least a year’s time to deal with the." Ms. Xu said. In August 24th, the kindergarten was suddenly cut off, and the children in the kindergarten class had to rush away. A few days later, Ms. Xu Qi emergency相关的主题文章: