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Crafts-Hobbies With the right supplies and a bit of creativity, children can have a great time at home making paper crafts projects. If you feel that it’s time to wean your kids away from the TV you’ll agree that investing in quality arts and crafts supplies is well worth it. With hundreds of unique arts and crafts supplies to choose from, you can create a tailor-made experience for your own children. Fill each afternoon with games and projects specifically geared to your children’s interests and abilities. Here are just a few ideas to get you started. Silhouette Paper Cutouts: The stark contrast of sleek black on white (or vice versa) creates a dramatic effect, making it the ideal material for silhouette paper cutout projects. Trace a design, picture or element onto on side/color. Using scissors or an X-acto knife, cut out your design. Remember, the more gaps and spaces you leave in your design, the nicer the finished product will be. Using clear adhesive, adhere the cutout to the opposite color for a beautiful and unusual decoration item. Floral Displays: Make a magical wonderland with metallic paper floral displays. Cut out flowers, leaves and plants from various colors of reflective metallic paper sheets and stick to the walls, doors, furniture or staircases. This can be done during the holiday season, for a special occasion, to announce a surprise like color war or a party, or as exciting decorations to spice up an ordinary day. You can also use this fun craft idea to decorate a child’s bedroom, nursery or playroom with jungle, meadow or forest themes. Royal Accessories: Metallic paper is also ideal for crowing your children as royalty. The super shiny material can be made into crowns, scepters, and other royal accoutrements. For added adventure and fun, tape metallic paper cutouts onto real life items such as gold jewelry, silver goblets, and precious jewels in a treasure box. Kids love the exciting sparkle of this paper, and there’s no end to the imagination of a young child’s mind. Secret Message Cards: Kids love the mystery of this fun and entertaining project. First, decide on a message. This can be "Happy Birthday, Billy", "Keep up the great work, Mommy", "Meet me at the clubhouse at 5", or anything else your child wants to encode. Next, take a piece of our super reflective mirror board paper and fold it in half so the mirrored surface is on the inside. Write your message on the right side of the card…but write it backwards! Children get a real kick out of using the opposite reflective surface to decode your hidden message. Scrapbooking Sentiments: Scrapbooks are a fabulous project for kids that will not just keep them busy for hours at a time and weeks on end, but will also give them a beautiful keepsake forever. From misty vellum paper, to convenient gummed paper, Hygloss Products has a huge variety of specialty paper that will make your scrapbook really stand out. Capture those found memories in a unique and everlasting book of nostalgia, love and laughs. Custom Bookmarks: Make reading more enjoyable with custom-made bookmarks. Using card stock, children can design a bookmark for each book they read. The front of the bookmark can be decorated with the name or major theme of the book. The back of the bookmark can be decorated with the child’s name and other personal details. These are just a few popular ideas. In addition to quality craft paper, you should consider stocking up on craft supplies and activity kits that contain all of the items you need for many, many hours of good, old fashioned creative fun. This winter craft memories that will last a lifetime. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: