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UnCategorized This article provides some guidance to help project managers take some first steps in running the gauntlet of options to find the ideal set of PM Courses for their situation, and get the most out of them. Here are some steps a project manager can take to begin to identify the most beneficial PMC for themselves: 1. Look at Current Challenges One way best ways to start is to first identify current challenges and problems. For example, Project Managers often experience special challenges with stakeholders on their projects, such as identifying, .municating, coordinating, and more. Another frequently cited challenge is gathering clear requirements for the project. Another popular topic is project .munications, which can have many dimensions. Many project managers are new to management and would like to enhance their management skills. Frequently the best choice is simply to take PMT courses covering a broad PM framework or methodology and earn a PM certification to enhance personal credentials. 2. Consider Various Delivery Methods As a second step, it is helpful to consider the preferred method of delivery of the PMC. In general, the most popular delivery methods include classroom training, audio training, and online PMT. Classroom training Classroom-based PMC provide the opportunity to give full attention to learning away from daily distractions. They also provide great value through the presence of the instructor and students, which enables discussion and resolution of issues on the spot. also In addition, they present the opportunity to network professionally with others with similar interests. On the other hand, they are expensive, might involve travel, requires trading off work time, and needs to be scheduled. It also requires the individuals presence and attention for all tupics, requiring presence for all topics. Audio project management courses Audio PMC can be very convenient for learning when driving or doing other things, but they usually lack the visual learning aspect. Some PDA-based audio programs, however, are beginning to add video, which is helpful, thus enhancing the anytime, anywhere aspect of this method. In general, audio or PDA-based project management courses are a great supplement to other learning methods. Online project management courses Online PM Courses include both instructor assisted training and pure, or individual, online training. With instructor assisted online PMC, a live course, led and facilitated by an instructor, is taken at a scheduled time over the internet, and the student can usually interact with the students as well as the instructor, or even an assistant instructor, during the class. With pure, unassisted, online training, the course is self-contained and is available 24×7, and student can easily skip over topics of little interest and focus more on those of keen interest. Many online PMC also have a mentor or online help available for on-demand assistance. 3. Topics for project management courses Lots of topics are appropriate for PM courses, and the key is to pick something of current interest and value. For example, training on a PM tool might include something like Microsoft Project training, someone in the information technology field might like to learn transitioning from more technical functions to project management, and yet someone else might like an IT PMC. There are many other topics, especially in the soft skills areas like leadership, management, and .munication where just the right project management courses can be found to take project management skills to the next level. 4. Hit the Iron While Its Hot! Once the choice is made, it is best to take the selected PMTC as soon as possible! The need and desire will be at its peak, and the impact will be the highest. Waiting even a few weeks may be a big mistake, as the ability to make an impact on a fast-moving project may dwindle. Realizing the benefit from PMC lies in applying the knowledge right away, and this also makes that knowledge ones own for the long haul. In Summary, The way to get the most out of PMC is to choose a topic related to something of very current interest. Select PM courses about a topics of current interest, something for which there is a burning desire or need, something that can be applied right away. Picking the right method of course delivery for the individual, whether classroom, online, audio, self-paced, or other, and scheduling the courses is the best approach. Finally, giving ones full focus and attention and applying what was learned in the PM courses right away is a sure path to success! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: