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Professor NANDA retired Japanese invasion irrefutable evidence show " " new network will be donated to the country in the Yangzi Evening News (reporter Xu?) in September 18th this year is the "918" incident 85 anniversary. Yesterday, the Nanjing University Department of astronomy professor emeritus Han Chuanshou call the Yangzi Evening News Hotline, hoping to open to the outside world two pieces of his collection for many years "Manchuria dispatched military discipline chapter". Korean reading more than ten years time ended up with 8 "military discipline chapter", these are "iron evidence the Japanese invasion of china". Han old said he hoped to "Manchuria sent military discipline" donated to the Shenyang Museum of history in 918, reminds us not to forget history. Old Han Chuanshou is 82 years old this year, as private collectors, for decades, he frugally, wages and pensions for most of the collection of cultural relics of the war, keen on social welfare. Yesterday morning, the reporter saw 8 medals in Korea home, were released on 1894 in the Sino Japanese War, Russo Japanese war in 1905, 1931 "918" incident in 1937, the Lugou Bridge incident period, well preserved, has a high historical value. One of the oldest chapter is the Sino Japanese War, and the "918" incident is most closely related to Manchuria to send military discipline and chapter, "Showa six years or nine years of military incident chapter". Since 1874, when Japan launched a war of aggression and making excuses to his country, will be in the Japanese imperial decree on behalf of design and production of a "military discipline", issued to all participating in the war and sent troops to the military action, to recognize its merits". After the defeat of Japan in 1945, this chapter is concentrated destruction, so rare. Old Han said, "Manchuria sent military" chapter, is the Japanese government in 1935 (Showa 10 years) in March 23rd, issued to participate in all actions against China in September 1931 to October 1935 the Japanese soldiers. This chapter is the knife knife with gold type, whole leaf Tong, the back engraved with the Japanese invaders occupied Northeast China, the whole process of the establishment of pseudo "Manchuria country", is one of the scarce evidence the Japanese invasion of china. "Shenyang 918 Museum of history has no income this chapter." Han old familiar to introduce his collection, he is still a black notebook details each chapter of the story. "When I was a child, I experienced my homeland invaded by the Japanese, so the collection of these historical data is also a comfort to the child’s heart injury. The chapter in my house is more complete than many museums." Han Chuanshou said, he spent more than a decade ago, the trustee of the country looking for military discipline chapter. For many years he to the Japanese invaders in Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, Shanghai Songhu War Memorial, Nanjing Anti Japanese aviation Memorial were donated 100 commemorative medals.相关的主题文章: