Pingshan 24 hours self-service accreditation office officially opened Lidengkequ-ca4111

Pingshan 24 hours self-service accreditation office officially opened Lidengkequ [posted by "Shenzhen public security issued the" WeChat public, November 4th, "Shenzhen police issued a" copy can focus on WeChat search. The middle of the night] brush N micro letter Meiwen found where you are not tempted to go far without a permit, the permit, passport to stay away travel so difficult in the middle of the night before the establishment of the police tell you TA Pingshan dream to help you 24 hours! Problems of self-help permit area of the existing area of about 30 square meters equipped with self-service processing equipment 3 self-service booking equipment 2 open 24 hours and professional consultants a timely answer the public! "24 hours" self-help card, if you work in the busy forensics, online booking personal travel endorsements electronic Hong Kong and Macao card, but during the day but no time. Never mind, bring your credentials, even at 3 in the morning, you can also enter the 24 hours self service card office with ID card. "Lidengkequ" if you are in a hurry to go to Hong Kong tomorrow, is now in the middle of the night, you can even apply online for No. It does not matter, as long as you are in Guangdong province residents (except the state registration), you can also enter the ID card 24 hours self-service accreditation office for Saturday and Sunday, even if it does not matter. But it needs to be reminded that this privilege is limited to two months. Pingshan Branch 24 hours self-service accreditation office address: Shenzhen City Pingshan Long Ping Road No. 1, Tel: 0755-84443018

坪山24小时自助办证厅正式启用 立等可取【本文由“深圳公安发布”微信公众号11月4日发布,复制“深圳公安发布”可在微信搜索关注。】半夜刷了N篇微信美文发现自己哪里都想去身未动心已远就缺了个港澳通行证、台湾通行证、护照想来场说走就走的旅行怎么这么困难大半夜的才确立的梦想坪山警方告诉你TA可以帮到你24小时!自助办证区现有面积约30平方米配备了自助办证设备3台自助预约设备2台24小时开放还有专业咨询人员一名及时解答市民的疑难问题!“24小时”自助办证、取证如果你工作繁忙,在网上预约了电子港澳通行证的个人游签注,但白天却没有时间。不要紧,带上你的证件,即使是凌晨3点,也可以凭身份证刷卡进入24小时自助办证厅办理。“立等可取”如果你明天有急事要去港澳,现在已经半夜,可你连网上申请也没有办理。不要紧,只要你是广东省内户籍居民(登记备案的国家工作人员除外),你也可以凭身份证刷卡进入24小时自助办证厅办理,即使是星期六、星期天也不要紧。但需要提醒的是,此“特权”两月限用一次。坪山分局24小时自助办证厅地址:深圳市坪山新区龙坪路1号咨询电话:0755-84443018相关的主题文章: