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News-and-Society Latest India news is that MIM the Majlis-e-ittehadul Muslimeen has created yet another controversy where one of the MLA from Charminar Syed Ahmed Pasha Quadri has now stated questions in his speech, questioning about the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the .plex of the assembly. This has again raised the alarms amongst the millions of Indians who are now stating an issue against MIM MLA’s questioning. A .plaint has been registered against the MLA who has in an order hurt the sentiments of many sections of the society who respect Mahatma Gandhi as an ideal. Such statements are .ing continuously from many politicians just to accelerate their popularity and to gain vote bank. Politicians like these have always been using .munalism and other factors to gain their political momentum while they are not concerned with any personal sentiments of the society. While making such allegations Quadri also quoted that the assembly was built by the Nizams hence it is not good that there is a Mahatma’s statue placed in the .plex. Quadri further quoted that Hindustan has given nothing to their .munity only their .munity have built all the famous monuments of India like the Taj Mahal. This sure has hurt a lot of sentiments of a particular .munity. The latest news India is that the video of his speech went viral on the internet, while many have been condemning his speech and the venom he poured out. BJP opposed this speech and in return they filed a .plaint against the MIM MLA. BJP leaders said that this act is always done by many politicians just to gain their political mileage and those they have no concern about any particular .munity and they just make situations sensational for their own profits. This question of the existence of the statue of the father of nation has insulted and hurt the citizen of India. Such statements can create division between .munities and hence it can spread hatred amongst many .munities in India which is another factor which deters the growth of the nation. India has always been a secular state where all the .munities have the right of freedom of speech and they can follow whatever they believe in, but a few people like these want to divide India for their personal benefits. It is the weakness of our legislation that no one is able to stop these acts from happening and even the central government keeps mum which is the one of the latest India News. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: