National Day 7 days on the 8 million vehicles to avoid blocking high-speed travel you ready (video) norton disk doctor

National Day 7 day 8 million car speed to avoid blocking the trip you ready yesterday, the Provincial Executive Council and the Provincial Traffic Management Bureau jointly issued the "2016 National Day holiday travel guide" Hubei highway safety. During the national day, the province continued to implement the following 7 highways (including the seat of the small passenger car) and allow the highway toll free motorcycle policy on the road through the 7. The specific time for the October 1st 0 to October 7th 24, the vehicle from the highway exit lane time, bridge separate charges, to the vehicle through the toll station time. The guide predicts that during the national day of the province’s high-speed rail network total traffic is expected to exceed 8 million vehicles, the average daily breakthrough of 1 million 100 thousand, the total amount and single day traffic will hit a record high. As in previous years, this year during the National Day travel peak concentrated in two periods: one is from September 30th to October 1st from 14 PM to 14, from two October 6th is the peak travel, from 15 pm to 7 days 23 when, from the return peak, showing a "two high and middle level trend. Said the Provincial Executive Council, national day long holiday highway free, suitable for autumn, small vehicles surge in the car, the main traffic between the "city expressway, scenic spot" circulation, large and medium-sized city and city road, highway, service area, leading to the scenic road, provincial traffic toll stations will increase significantly. "To Jiujiang, Jiangxi provinces mainly in Hunan Zhangjiajie, Anhui Mount Huangshan, East China five city and other places; the province is mainly to Wudang Mountains and Shennongjia, Yichang, Qianjiang, Xiantao, Huangshi, Suizhou, Jingmen, Hong’an, Macheng and other places; the city of Wuhan is mainly Xinzhou, Huangpi and other places." Provincial Traffic Management Bureau relevant responsible person said, affected by this, the province during the national day of the blocked road includes 6 city, 8 key scenic spots, 12 highways and 28 high-speed toll station (see chart). Provincial Traffic Management Bureau to remind the majority of passengers, ahead of condition inspection before the trip, planning routes, timely understanding of road traffic information, eliminate dangerous driving behavior. When you are in the wrong way, stray, vehicle failure, accident and so on, you should turn on the hazard warning light for the first time. In addition, according to the "Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau, Department of transportation, safety supervision and Management Bureau of Hubei Province on the part of time, highway traffic ban notice" dangerous chemicals vehicles regulations, during the National Day this year, the province’s highway ban dangerous chemicals transportation vehicle traffic. During the national day of the blocked road list 6 city: Wuhan Shiyan Jingzhou Yichang Xiangyang Enshi 8 key scenic spots: Wudang Mountains, Qingjiang Three Gorges Dam Gallery in Shennongjia East Lake Mulan Mountain Grand Canyon TENGLONGDONG 12 Speed Road: Shanghai and Chongqing Shanghai Chengdu high-speed Beijing Hong Kong and Macao Fu silver Koike Taihuangtakeatake Wu Huang Qing Zheng Wu Jian Yingwu Hubei Han Cai 28 toll stations: Gong Ling Wu Qinglong River west of Wuhan North East Wuhan Qintai panlongcheng Junshan Huangpi Yichang Caidian Wuchang Wudang Mountains Xiangyang Jingzhou West Lian Wujiagang shed in Huangshi Xianning Enshi Yangtze River bridge Jiujiang north of Jingyue Yangtze River Bridge south south Hubei Edong Aries Tang Huangmei Hubei high speed easy to block, guoshengdao or surprise how to avoid plugging point? How to choose the detour? Yesterday, director of the Provincial Bureau of charge fees Liu Yu相关的主题文章: