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Beauty Of all the styles of earrings that are in the market today, by far the most popular is the stud earring. Traditionally, the favourites of these have been diamonds and pearls, given to women graduates, brides, and wives for various occasions. Over the last couple of decades, though, there has been a dramatic shift into who really wears these earrings. Turns out that many young men also like to wear stud earrings. They tend to wear more diamonds, gold, silver, and semi-precious stone studs rather than leaning toward the more feminine pearls. Hoop earrings have had a very long tradition and they have seen their transition through the years in both length and diameter. Some people prefer their hoops to be so small and thin that they almost fit to the lobe of the ear. In such an instance, the hoop earring is more of a flash of decoration on the ear rather than being a noticeable earring. There are those, though, who much prefer their hoop earrings to be in excess of two inches in diameter and as thick as possible without damaging their ears. When it .es to hoop earrings, there is no limitation on design, colour, and material or even if they have gems imbedded in them. Anything from plastic and wood to platinum and gold, and coloured glass to fine diamonds, have been used extensively over the years to create unusual, beautiful works of art. Button earrings have also seen popularity for women, particularly those who have very busy careers. They add a lot of glamour to the wardrobe, which dresses up severe suits in a warm and often playful manner. These are usually less than an inch across and may have slightly curved edges to help capture the light better. These also .e in a variety of materials and colours, the most popular being a simple gold button. Drop earrings hang just below the ears, not quite a dangle. These are usually styled as a gem in a setting that allows for this. Most often they are in a metallic setting such as gold or silver. They capture light beautifully and add a sense of sophistication to a wardrobe. Dangle earrings have been exciting women for years. They drop from a post or a hook through the ears, and have the most decorative piece at the bottom of the dangle. Occasionally the dangle earring itself is quite elaborate with beadwork, such as the Native American seed bead earrings. Dangle earrings can be.e quite heavy if they have a lot of ornamentation on them, so care must be taken when purchasing. Some of the most beautiful dangle earrings have fine gems such as diamonds, set into the dangles, catching and reflecting the light in a shower of sparks. No matter which pair of earrings you choose, they are all delightful and fun. The two largest concerns for women when it .es to earrings are the length and the weight of the earrings. Too long and they may catch on something, too heavy and they can cause pain to the earlobe. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: