Mai Kuraki live art scholar exposes love China Stinky tofu vstart

Mai Kuraki live art scholar exposes love Chinese Stinky tofu Mai Kuraki Mai Kuraki Sina entertainment news September 23rd, Japanese singer Mai Kuraki [micro-blog] with a singing band appeared in a live broadcast, "Time after time to do the warm Hangzhou Railway Station grand music party. A live shot, Wuli wearing a striped shirt collocation sauce linen pants, cool styling is not lost with clear, quite handsome. The tour came to China natural and ultimately authentic local delicacy, Mai Kuraki told a live online, the first taste of Stinky tofu, snail powder, unique and delicious delicacy of these people could hold is to eat in Japan, Mai Kuraki praised the delicious accompaniment with such a tacit understanding and treat the Guangzhou Railway Station can not get away, after Shanghai, Guangzhou concert grand, Chinese tour last stop will be strong landing in Hangzhou, said Mai Kuraki will be the fans to send a specially designed link. It is reported that Mai Kuraki stood on a sing Yan burst table MAX force value, and stunning amazing shape for the fans to stay an unforgettable evening. In a broadcast, and the band is a word not just to sing "stand by you", caused a public users back to kill. Linen as fully deserve the "detective Conan" OST queen, after 17 years of his career, including 16 years for "detective Conan" creative music, love of animation as her love for music, that will continue to create linen paste in your own way.相关的主题文章: