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"Look up to" high quality "ending Shien God tongue male" low open movie – a week viewing entertainment Sohu (2016.9.5-9.11) Sohu (Domino) entertainment news last week summer drama officially entered the final stage, the formal end of the summer "and" including "look up to you who are not in the" ON "abnormal crime investigation officer tengtang than" God "has nion man" and "tongue cuisine" prime minister, including good drama, there are many kind of viewing still to open theater version, unexpected drama. > > > > learn more on entertainment information, please enter the Sohu video channel drama last week’s episode "the sales girl" "look up to" you were increased by 1.6 percentage points, "" women’s sales rose to 12.4%, to ensure that the season ratings winner, but because of the summer season the collective slump, crown the current season is only 11.42% in the ratings ing Oh, very sad. "Look at you" also rose to 12.2% in the end. This is the most suitable for campus drama broadcast summer blood elements, not chasing "ROOKIES" movement when boom, but the choice of the same blood, but relatively quiet band theme, youthful blood and calm the chicken soup each other, with all star two generation of the play in the summer Olympic Games to stall after the broadcast with the script, plain and powerful ratings steadily rise, the final outcome beyond their best results, to ensure that the average ratings of double digit. According to past experience, such as "look up to" TV show "V you reply" drama script is always quite good, did not see a summer drama audience, this one may choose to fill in the drama. In addition to "Tian" as the story really wan Jianrugaochao, on the weekend and then rose 1.5 percentage points, two Zhou Liansheng 3.3%, return to the average level of the Olympic Games, to finally have wonderful finale running. The last two weeks, "Tian Tian pill" in addition to the NHK of the Taiwan broadcast ratings rose, the early broadcast of the BS platform has also been rising, the current combination of more than two ratings has more than 20%, the results are quite good. But not all in the series finale ratings will rise, the weekend ushered in the outcome of the two works of "ON crime investigation officer tengtang abnormal ratio" and "God has nion tongue man" were ushered in a large decline in the end. "ON crime investigation officer tengtang abnormal" script in the novelty than nion murder ended will gradually collapse, quite a bit of circular volt line and strong sense of drama writing. "But not to the audience of the endless The path winds along mountain ridges." fresh, but slightly disjointed, gradually lost the audience. But God has "tongue man" was originally the obvious spoof style, many viewers had to accept what the actor must lick down a set of analysis, this drama ratings since its launch has been sluggish, so the launch came shortly after theatrical plans rumors. But how could the play style of Tsutsumi Yukihiko slowly shoot theater version, with the finale aired, "God has the tongue of man" came again and broke the news theater version, super luxury casting..相关的主题文章: