Li Yuanchao attended the Tenth China – Latin American entrepreneurs summit and delivered a speech-cibi

Li Yuanchao attended the tenth session of the Chinese Latin American business summit and delivered a speech – Beijing, Li Yuanchao attended the tenth session of Chinese Latin American business summit and delivered a speech on 14 October, Xinhua news agency, Shijiazhuang (reporter Li Junyi) tenth China Latin American business summit in Hebei on 14 held in Tangshan, Vice President Li Yuanchao attended the opening ceremony. Tabare, President of the Uruguay, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the meeting. Li Yuanchao said in his congratulatory letter, President Xi Jinping pointed out that the pull to promote the comprehensive cooperative partnership of equality and mutual benefit and common development, to build a community of destiny and Latin america. The summit to "hand in hand innovation, cooperation and win-win" as the theme, very meaningful. I hope the two sides continue to consolidate the traditional friendship, enhance mutual trust, mutual understanding, on issues concerning each other’s core interests and major concerns on mutual support and jointly promote world peace and prosperity; strengthen strategic docking, optimize trade structure, promote cooperation capacity, build bilateral economic and trade cooperation upgrade; use pull Forum ministerial the meeting mechanism, promote cooperation in Latin America as a whole, run in the pull business summit, pull the young politicians forums and other activities, to coordinate more closely with the pull side in the international multilateral framework and mechanisms for coordination, cooperation in the construction of network pull all-round efforts; strengthen cultural exchanges, build bridges of spiritual communication the public opinion foundation for the long-term development of relations in solid. China holds high the banner of peace, development, cooperation and win-win, and is willing to work together with the Latin American people to build a community of destiny in Latin America, to create a win-win situation in bilateral cooperation. The same day, Li Yuanchao met briefly with President Vasquez, and joint inspections of Sino Latin American cooperation in the production capacity of the exhibition, to attend the first China – Latin American International Beach Soccer Club invitational. Before the opening ceremony, Li Yuanchao also met with Latin American and Caribbean countries the main guests and envoys.相关的主题文章: