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Book-Reviews So you have purchased your own Kindle. Now your question would likely be whats in store for me? Your Kindle machine is capable of playing mp3s and at the same time browsing the internet through WiFi connection or 3G. Of course, other than the music you can store on your machine, the main attraction of the product is really the storage capacity for 3,500 e-books. The Kindle device not only reads books but any other forms of media from blogs to newspapers to the latest bestsellers to date. The best thing about it is you need not wait on queue for you to grab a copy of your reading and you dont have to worry about the book getting sold out because it never will happen. Just turn on either your Wi-Fi or your 3G and start downloading your e-books online. Before you start purchasing your kindle books though, you may get a glimpse of how the story goes about by reading the Kindle e-book reviews that goes along with each selection. On top of that, you can also see together with the details of the book the price difference and how much you have saved by purchasing the electronic version versus the paperback or hardcover. The e-books offered by Amazon for the Kindle machine .e in a wide selection from different genres. You are assured that there is definitely something for you in their library of books. From self-help readings to fictions, to autobiographies, there sure is one that will be to your liking. The kindle review s that .e with each title are from different people of varied walks of life who are into reading thus you are given a fair overview as to how the book fair with other readings. There are multiple reviews for each title and often times they give their quantitative rating for the book through the use of stars. Because these books are delivered automatically through wireless connection, you are also spared of the hassle of lining up on your local book shops to get your copy. If you are also unsure on which book to get and where to start looking, you can trust the reviews of the readers and sort the selection by genre and by average customer rating score. Most of the Kindle books also have the Text-to-Speech feature activated thus when there is a need for you to let go of your machine, you need not .pletely put down your reading. You can just turn on the volume and activate this feature for the system to start reading to you the story. It feels like someone is telling you a bedtime story and you even have the option to control the pacing of the reading. So again, before you start purchasing e-books for your free Kindle books , you might want to go over the reviews provided. This will not only save you time but will also give you the worth of your investment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: