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Arts-and-Entertainment It may seem like people have been snapping up Justin Timberlake tickets for eons, but the truth is that he’s still a young artist. Timberlake has already experienced an enormous amount of success, and his career path looks like it’s going to take him to places where few have traveled before him. He has every talent a star could ever want – singing and dancing ability, good looks, a stage presence and a loyal legion of fans. A look at his life and career to this point will help define just how he’s gotten to this point and where his future could take him. Early Life Justin Randall Timberlake was born on January 31, 1981 in the musical city of Memphis. Timberlake was introduced to the art of musical performance early in life, as his father was a choir director at a Baptist church, and Justin was exposed to the gospel genre almost immediately. He spent his childhood admiring all things involving song and dance, and ventured into the musical world at the age of 13, when he joined the Mickey Mouse Club. It was here that he was exposed to several future stars, including future girlfriend Britney Spears, singer Christina Aguilera and future band mate JC Chasez. The show ended two years later, and Timberlake had be.e inspired. Band Beginnings After the Mickey Mouse Club ended, Timberlake recruited Chasez to join a new all-male band he was forming with another childhood friend, Chris Kilpatrick. The band would .e to be known as N Sync. The group started touring relentlessly in 1996, and most of their early shows were in Europe. The band noticed almost immediately that they were gaining popularity, and returned to the United States in 1998. They played several shows around the country after their return, and they began to work in the studio. They ultimately released their first album that same year, entitled *NSync. The album was an instant smash hit, as it sold over 10 million copies. The band released three subsequent albums over the next three years, and all of them went multiple platinum. Basically, a star was born. New Direction After their fourth album, N Sync decided to take some time off, and Timberlake decided to work on a solo effort. It took months of production, but Timberlake ultimately released Justified in 2002, and the album was also a smash hit, selling over 7 million copies around the world. Timberlake also promoted the album with several live shows, and Justin Timberlake tickets were just as popular as his album. Timberlake also began to attack his squeaky-clean boy band image, as the lyrics in the album touched on his much-publicized breakup with Britney Spears and was generally more adult in theme. Timberlake also began to branch out by playing gigs with artists such as the Black Eyed Peas and Christina Aguilera, and his status as an icon began to take shape. Controversy Timberlake became best known because of an ironic twist. He was chosen to perform the halftime show at Super Bowl XXXVIII with Ja. Jackson, and during their dance routine, a wardrobe malfunction revealed Jackson’s breast on worldwide television. Timberlake made good with the public by accepting a demand for an apology during the next Grammy Awards ceremony, while Jackson refused. As a result, Timberlake’s role in the issue has been largely f.otten. Future Possibilities Timberlake is planning to take his success to new heights, as he is beginning to dabble in acting and other interests. However, he doesn’t appear to have lost interest in music, so Justin Timberlake tickets will be on the market for many years, and his possibilities are limitless. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: