Juliet Binoche Song Seung, the Golden Horse Awards guests together diqua

Juliet Binoche Song Seung Ren Juliet Binoche Song Seung Golden Horse Award guest Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, awards committee announced the 10 session of the fifty-third Golden Horse Awards heavyweight guests, including Cannes, Berlin, Venice and the Oscar prize winning French actress Juliet Binoche (Juliette Binoche), and served as the chief horse "Earl Song Seung ambassador" to assist and support [micro-blog], in 26, attended the ceremony as the awards, golden star light. The 52 year old Juliet Binoche has more than 30 years, in 1993 won the Venice film "Bleu", "British lover" in 1996 and in Berlin won the best actress and best supporting actress Oscar, 2010 by director Abbas’s "love" topped the Cannes white film, to become the first to reach the 3 International Film Festival (Cannes, Berlin, Venice Grand Slam winner). In addition to her visit to Taiwan to attend the Golden Horse Awards ceremony, 25 days ahead of time will also appear in the film film, "magic love cannibal bay" after mapping to hold master hall, worked with "red balloon" with her Hsiao-Hsien Hou will also cross talk knife. Song Seung starred in "Autumn in My Heart" charm swept across Asia, last year with his girlfriend Liu Yifei [micro-blog] starring "third love" touches the Chinese film circle, he and Lee Young-Ae’s drama "shirentang" will also be broadcast. Song Seung is currently working on the movie "Captain Jin Changzhu", the film is the first challenge villain, confirms the breakthrough self determination. The fifty-third Golden Horse Awards ceremony will be held in Taipei on 26 Sun Yat Sen Memorial hall. (commissioning editor: vhaha)相关的主题文章: