Ji’nan, the first batch of 24 old buildings to archive old quadrangles worse than Beijing mmhouse

Ji’nan the first batch of 24 old buildings to "archive" the old courtyard is not worse than in Beijing from the beginning of March this year, the Ji’nan Municipal Planning Bureau launched the historic buildings in Ji’nan city census work, to carry out carpet reconnaissance and screening within the city, the first batch of selected 24 different types of historic buildings, historic building protection plans to carry out the work. In October 14, 2016, the Ji’nan City Planning Commission organized the "Ji’nan historical building survey and compilation of the project" list of experts, from Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, Soochow University, Shandong Jianzhu University, East China Architectural Design & Research Institute, 8 experts on the planning results of review, the significance of the expert survey confirms that the census results informative and comprehensive content, meet the technical requirements, on the basis of further research to do protection work. According to the classification of building function, the historical buildings are divided into five categories. The traditional residential buildings 268, representing Houzaimen Street No. 41 hospital, building the pattern of courtyard pattern typical Ji’nan courtyard, the main house, the East Wing intact status. Industrial Heritage Building 29, on behalf of 1953 Tea Culture Creative Industry Park, located in Huaiyin District Zhangzhuang road gunit Town, the park covers an area of 80 mu, building area of 50 thousand square meters. Commercial office building 38, on behalf of the office of Ji’nan Municipal Committee on aging, was set up in 50s, is located in Huaiyin District by a road No. 170. Religious culture and education, building 22, on behalf of a small village located in the town of Andy Hui mosque, back to the village of Jiyang County, was built in the Ming Dynasty, the temple has about 400 years of history, architectural carved exquisitely preserved, roof. The original four traditional buildings, existing in the north and east side of the traditional buildings. The building was the main hall, is the site to build. The traditional elements of existing buildings are well preserved, is one of the few with exquisite value in the Ming and Qing Dynasties Hui mosque. 23 other types of buildings. Representative in huaiyinou Hedong Road, Yantai road and sunshine road between the "57 station", also known as the "western" Ji’nan special line. Founded in 1952, officially opened in 1958, until 2012 officially stopped, completed its glorious historical mission. Source: Shandong business daily相关的主题文章: